Monday, August 06, 2007


Making money to spend.

The weekend just flew by, didn't it? Thank goodness for that! I haven't gotten to visit many of my favorite blogs because the time factor was just not there.

I needed to have some heavy duty work done to the trailer before Rocky Girl figured out how to get out. Around my living room windows, the particle board was rotting. ...One evening, I was doing something near the window. My foot slipped toward the wall and went through the floor. I knew I needed to get that fixed as soon as possible. Payday was coming soon, so I talked to the same people who put in the bathroom and hallway floor. Yes, they could fix the areas around the windows and they could do it this weekend (before I spent my whole paycheck). I gave them the key and money for materials, during the week.

Friday night, as soon as I got back from work, I started moving things out of the way. As soon as I got up, Saturday morning, I moved cat food, water, and litter box to the main bedroom, then chased down the cats. They were all deposited in the bedroom, as well. When I headed out to work, my repair people had not yet arrived. For lunch, I still hadn't heard from them, so hurried home to see if anyone was there (I forgot to get their phone numbers).

My parking space was empty, so I unlocked the door to see if I could see anything. They had been there. The carpet had been cut and measuring done. They were out getting materials. When I got home, Saturday, the floor areas were finished, and they were working on the window frames (the old ones had water and cat damage). They were almost finished. Thirty minutes more, they had their money and I was moving furniture back in place.

Sunday, after getting back from work, I passed out. The stresses of worrying about yesterday's repair work, the cats, and making sure I was at work on time, etc., enabled me to sleep for a long period of time.

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