Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Just a day like any other.

Stairs, stairway, stairwell, steps. What would you call this concrete stairway if you had to describe it to someone? I was walking down the sidewalk, one day, recently. I've walked this sidewalk many times. For some reason, this stairway came into my focus. I don't recall seeing it before! How can that be? I'm sure it didn't pop up during the prior evening, or during the past couple weeks or month I've not walked that way.

Sometimes the news is like that, to me, too. I don't watch it on tv anymore, I get the paper, but not daily. I listen to NPR, but not every day. I read blogs, but not every day. Every once in a while something jumps out at me and I'll say, or think, "I didn't realize...."


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