Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Howabout another movie recommendation?

Dodgeball - a true underdog story.
I wasn't expecting a lot when I started watching this movie. I thought it would be funny, ha ha, but I wasn't expecting great hilarity. Boy, oh boy, was I in for a treat! All sorts of twists and turns in this movie. It's almost as good as Harold and Kumar go to White Castle. Well, how do you like that!?! I see Harold and Kumar's new movie is supposed to be out in 2008. Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay.

So, White Goodman wants to take over Peter LaFleur's Average Joe Gym, to make parking space for his own swanky fitness center. Because LaFleur's loan on his gym has gone in arrears, Goodman buys the debt from the bank. There happens to be a very pretty girl working for the bank, handling the paperwork, etc. Goodman tries to catch her interest.

LaFleur has 30 days to get the $50,000. owed. His customers (my favorite is the pirate, Steve) try to help him figure a way to do it. One finally notices the advertisement for the Dodgeball Tournament in Vegas (winning team gets $50,000.) All they have to do is beat a local team as qualifier. They play a girls' team...and lose. But, because one of the girls had tested positive for steroids, the Average Joes end up winning.

In learning how to play dodgeball, they watch a film about the sport. That film is mighty funny. Patches O'houlihan teaches some of the basics to Jimmy -I think that was the kid's name- (who was painting his fence, when a voice asked him if he wanted to play dodgeball). Anyway, Jimmy ends up in an opium den, where he learns that that was where dodgeball was created. At the end of the film, Jimmy learns that dodgeball is a great sport. You can pick on people smaller and weaker than you.

Meanwhile, Goodman builds a team, too. He has all sorts of hulking goons from his fitness center. His team, the Purple Cobras, doesn't play a local team, instead, he explains to LaFleur's team, he bought their way in. Patches O'houlihan, in wheelchair, shows up and tells LaFleur that he would coach the Average Joes.

Goodman has pissed off the bankgirl by getting her fired. She joins LaFleur's team. The team is ready to learn. Ohoulihan says, "If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball," and starts throwing wrenches at them. Of course, they're not yet a good team, so they have to learn to dodge. I have to agree with Patches; a wrench thrown at you should help those quick reflexes...Heh...another training method was to dodge busy traffic.

In vegas, one of the team members had ordered new uniforms for them all. The uniforms that arrived were leather and chain attire. Not what the guy ordered... but, they had to put on the uniforms to play... and they did. They lucked out and managed to win the first game. As they were leaving, they ran into the team that had gotten their uniforms. A trade was performed.

After each team beating several other teams, the Average Joes and the Purple Cobras are the last competitors. Lance Armstrong makes a cameo appearance. Chuck Norris's vote makes a difference. William Shatner gives out the trophy. I highly recommend this movie. Funny stuff!

I've not been available to work on the computer, recently. Other things had higher priority. Doctor Office Event. Oh, yeah. The picture has nothing to do with the post, I just felt like placing it there:)

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