Sunday, October 14, 2007



I decided to go moosehunting this weekend. Slipping and sliding through muddy streams, up and down rocky tree-filled hills I stumbled, focused on my goal. As I slogged through the brush and swampy grasslands, I finally spotted one (bottom picture). Shooting wildy, I managed to bag the moose. Hefting it upon my shoulders, I walked for miles as I carried the heavy moose to the car. Once I got back from the wildlands, I had the head mounted and hung on my wall (top picture). The rest of the meat is hung up, in my yard (in strips) to make jerky. The neighbors are horrified. The cats are really impressed.

Okay, maybe I embellished a teensy tiny bit. My friend invited me to her birthday celebration. She held it at a really cool place. These moose were in the building. The first one is on a wall, and the second is sculpting on a light fixture. I thought these shots would be interesting pictures.

There were plenty of vegies, fruit, little sandwiches, and cake. We stuffed ourselves as we conversed. When the Mo/Ok football game came on, people surrounded the television set. Others played Mexican Dominoes. It's been years since I played dominoes. It was great fun, even if my score was high.

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