Wednesday, November 07, 2007



Some of my friends try to get together once a month, at some restaurant, to have a meal, chat, celebrate birthdays, and catch up with the goings on with everyone else's busy lives.

One couple is heading out for vacation, soon. One of the ladies told them they should try to stop at a certain restaurant that a couple others enjoyed. Of course, conversation veered to different restaurants and other vacations. The same lady tells us that, on one vacation, she and her daughters had been driving for hours on end, through the night. They finally decided they needed to stop and get something to eat. They went into a small town restaurant. She said that there were several tough looking guys in the place, and of course, they all stared at the women as they came in. One daughter turned to her and asked, in a quiet whisper, "do I still have clothes on?"

They sat down and ordered their breakfasts. When they were served, one breakfast wasn't exactly like it had been ordered. When the large cook came from the kitchen, and asked, "whose breakfast did I make a mistake on?" they decided it was okay, afterall.

They started eating. The whole time they'd been there, they could see a young lady in the back, washing dishes. She spent a lot of time at the sinks. Finally, they heard her say, in a loud frustrated voice, "I can't get these dishes clean unless you get me some dishsoap!"

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