Sunday, December 09, 2007


Glad to be here.

Saturday morning, I called my mother. She said she'd tried to call me, but only got the ring, ring, ring of an unanswered phone. She guessed I was online. I had been.

I was reading the articles about Ebola, and Dr. Jonah Kule who'd just recently died during the Ebola outbreak in Uganda. He'd gone to medical school and came back to his village to help his tribesmen. Such a sad story, and what a horrible disease: What is Ebola?

When I told her what I had been reading about, my mother said, "I'm so glad I live here". I had to agree.
It's been a nasty, rainy, icy weekend. I went out and cleared the ice from my car, Saturday morning. By the afternoon, it was covered again. I cleared it. Sunday morning, I went out, early, and cleaned the car again. I had to kick the door to get it open. This afternoon, I had to clean it again. Tonight, I went out and cleaned it, once more. It seemed to start dripping icy rain every time I cleaned the car. All day long, I heard scrape, scrape, scrape from the neighbors trying to get their cars clean.

I had plenty of time to finish this story,Writing x Three, and post it to The Practical Press. I had fun with it.

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