Monday, December 24, 2007


Let's all get out there and shop til we drop.

Oh, that Fixer...He tagged me with a Christmas Meme, of all things. Sorry, Buddy, We never celebrated Christmas, while I was growing up. For a while there, we celebrated, once I was an adult. Don't much celebrate it, now, except to exchange a few gifts, and maybe a card or two.

No cards this year. I didn't set aside the time to make them. And anyway, I should be out shopping, not answering meme questions. I like your answers, though. Let's pretend your answers are mine. I'll post two colorful pictures, instead.Even though the picture was a bit fuzzy, I liked the way the sky was mirrored in the wet pavement.The bright brake lights beckoned. I think these might have been Christmas shoppers.

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