Wednesday, January 02, 2008


The Deluxe Animal Warmer X5000

I never thought I would have to advertise on my blog, but it turns out blogging doesn't make any money. After careful consideration, I checked with the pet supply companies and found the perfect item to push. The Deluxe Animal Warmer X5000 is now being showcased. Here's the blurb from the company brochure:

Our scientists have worked long and hard to create the perfect item. It's a soft, pliant, warming machine that allows your pets to contentedly nap while you are busy working. All you have to do is plug it in. As you can see, our three animal models, shown, are enjoying their Deluxe Animal Warmer X5000. Why not give your pets one of our fabulous Deluxe Animal Warmer X5000s? Aren't your pets worth it?

Specialty features:
* base and the actual warming unit come in a variety of colors.
* comes with or without the scratches on the base.
* top of the warming unit can feature your pet as a snuggly, soft, stuffed animal.

So many options, so many choices. It's unbelievable. Order your Deluxe Animal Warmer X5000 now!


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