Wednesday, January 16, 2008


They all say, "It doesn't hurt to try".

Do not delete this letter. It is a good luck letter blessed by the good-luck-black-cat-of-lucre.

I know what you're thinking. No, this is NOT the blue bird of happiness letter. That one has a blue bird on it.

As you can see, the picture, embedded in this letter, shows the good-luck-black-cat-of-lucre. Also, as you can see, she is a beautiful charm. All you have to do is forward this letter on:

* to 666 people
* within 13 minutes of receiving it

and you will receive good luck in lucrative pursuits.

Let me explain some examples to you.

Anna Change, from Copper, MO, sent this E-mail on ...and the very same day, she stopped to gas up at the local Quik Trip store. As she was walking to the entrance, she spied TWO! pennies on the ground! She picked them up and put them in her pocket.

Terrance Bouncin, from Broken Shok, KS, sent this E-mail on. That very same day, he had the mechanics work on his car. The estimate to fix his car was $500.00. When he got there, they told him his bill was only $495.00!

Yes, good things come when you forward this good-luck-black-cat-of-lucre E-mail.

Shelly Scratchin, from Itchins, SD, forwarded the E-mail, as directed, and stopped at a Breaktime store. She went in and purchased $25.00 worth of scratcher lottery tickets. She received 4 $5.00 tickets and 5 $1.00 tickets. She went back to her car and started scratching. She didn't win anything on the $5.00 tickets, but when she scratched off the $1.00 tickets, she ended up with the prizes of a ticket, and $2.00! Just think... If she hadn't forwarded this letter on, she probably wouldn't have scratched any winners!

Oh... Poor, poor Dorothy Mudpies, of UpaCrik, TN, didn't forward her E-mail on. Instead, she deleted it! That very same day, she decided to go grocery shopping. She grabbed up her coupons, and drove to the store. As she got out of her car, she dropped her grocery coupons right splat into a mud puddle! She carefully picked them up, but a wind was blowing, and the coupons blew right out of her hand! They flew across the grocery parking lot. An on-duty police person happened to see them flying by. Dorothy was given a lecture about littering!...And, possibly, all because she didn't forward the E-mail as directed!

Please do not delete. Forward this letter to 666 people, within 13 minutes, and your good luck will start to happen...

< smirk>Well, it doesn't hurt to try...

The hell it doesn't!< /smirk>

**After receiving one too many chain letters, this letter was written, tongue in cheek, to forward on to the culprits filling the writer's E-mail basket.

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