Wednesday, February 06, 2008


That's the way it goes, sometimes.

Well, I have to admit, I didn't vote yesterday. I got up too late to stop on the way to work. I thought about stopping in between jobs, but my car had other ideas. It started making this nasty high pitched noise.

It sounded like a microphone squealing, so I thought it might be the radio. I turned that off. The noise persisted. I turned off the heater. The noise continued. I got to work and hoped I'd make it home once my shift was finished. I made it home. The car sounded really sad, though.

Once home, I had to worry about getting the car to the shop in the morning. I figured out which route would be best (less hills, traffic, etc). Well, I got in the car this morning, started it up - no noise. I started driving toward the shop - no noise. About half way there, the noise started up. I was so happy to get the car to the shop without it breaking down!

The car is now fixed, and my mother assures me that it's fine I didn't vote. She doubts it would have made a difference. I know what she means.


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