Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Some pictures from this week.

A couple weekends ago, I rode the bike for a bit, then decided to call it a day. I like to put it on the heavy duty stand so it is more secure. I got off the bike, one hand on the handlebar, one hand on the side rack, and left foot on the stand to hold it down as I pulled the bike back. Yes, I was wearing shorts. Next, I tried with the right foot on the stand.

So, I took the bike to the movies. They wouldn't let me bring it in, so the poor bike had to sit out in the hot sun, while I watched that new Batman movie. Wow! That was filled with adventure...and brutality...

I came home and the surprise lillies said, "Surprise", in their pinkly wonderful way.

Ah, a butterfly. It was so pretty, flitting around the blossom of this plant. What a beauty.

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