Thursday, November 27, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Further adventures from Mexico. We noticed that the people of Mexico are a lot smaller than we are. While we were shopping, we discussed Thanksgiving turkey.

The young hispanic guy, Pedro, said, "turkey? we can sell you turkey, cheap. You catch your own bird." We thought that was a good idea. He led us down the beach and pointed to the turkey pictured. I didn't realize their turkeys were smaller, too.
So, Pedro handed us some sombreros, and we pitched them at the turkey until we captured him/her underneath. Too bad we didn't catch more than the one bird. It won't be enough for the whole family. Hey, what about turkey loaf? My sister was concerned that the turkey would be awfully sandy, because it obviously only ate sand. I figure we can pour plenty of gravy over it. Gravy makes everything taste great. Happy Thanksgiving!

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