Monday, November 24, 2008


Vacation last week.

Last week, I set the Friday Cat Blogging picture to kick off on Friday. The heater was not finished on Saturday, so I had to ask the guy working on it to fix it Monday. I gave him the keys and asked him to pick up the mail, and check on the cats; make sure they had food and water, and clean the litter boxes every two days.

My sister and two friends stopped by to pick me up, early Sunday morning. Onward, we flew down the road. Fourteen hours later, we were in Mobile, Alabama. Monday, We hopped the cruise ship to head down to the Yukatan Peninsula.

I worried that Rocky Girl would get out. Luckily, she didn't. I sure didn't want to have to set the live trap again! My vacation was fun, but it certainly reminded me there's no place like home, there's no place like home!
Leaving Alabama.

On the water. We sailed Monday and Tuesday.

On the water, by day. We arrived at Cozumel Wednesday morning.

The rest of the photos are at the other blog

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