Sunday, January 11, 2009



I didn't always live in a trailer, you know. Once upon a time, I lived in a duplex. I was re-reading a book, today, and this picture fell out of it. Here's a picture taken inside the duplex. At that time, I was close to 100 lbs lighter, and many years younger.
Young OWL
A friend sent a text message this morning saying she was going to a jazzercize class, and did I want to go, too? After a long thought about it, I finally sent her back a message that I would meet her there. It was an hour long class, and really broke the sweat. Not that I could always keep up... I sometimes follow along on a couple exercise DVDs I have here. I'll follow one for the first 15 minutes, then if I still feel like more exercise, I'll put in the second and follow it for the first 15 minutes. An hour!?!?!?!? I felt the burn. I still feel the burn. Will I go again? I think I need to lose at least 60lbs. I just might go again. Also, there is a 3 mile run, in March, that I want to attend. It would be nice to fit into my smaller clothes, again, too.


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