Sunday, May 10, 2009


As if I don't have enough to do already!

After hitting the snooze button countless times, I got up to go to work. I took my shower, gave Sgt Mango his shot, treated cats, gave Sgt Mango some of his expensive food, made instant coffee, got all my things together, and was running about 30 minutes early as I walked out the door. Good thing, too. As I neared my car, I wondered, "what is that on the ground?"

When I got to it, I found out. It was glass. Some piece-of-shit cockroach smashed my poor car's window. The door was still locked, but the box between the seats was thrown open and stuff from it was tossed well as glass all over the place. I had $10 worth of winning scratcher tickets in the box. Those are gone. So are all the already scratched loser tickets, from goodness knows how long ago - that were tucked in between the passenger seat and the box. I hope whoever did it chokes on whatever they use that $10. for. I sure wish I knew who did it. Anyway, I know not to leave scratchers (winners or losers) in sight, now.

So, I went back inside and grabbed the phonebook to find the city police phone number (I wasn't about to call 911, unless I couldn't find their regular number). I found it and told dispatch what happened. I told her I had to go to work, and left a number for someone to call me back (to take a report and give me a report number for the insurance). I went back inside and got the broom. I swept up as much glass as possible, grabbed the keys to the other car, and drove to work.

The sky looked like it might rain. At lunch I hurried home and duct-taped plastic bags on the window. I noticed the brick, used to break the window, was still on the passenger seat. It did not look familiar. I now wonder if it was actually thugs who broke the window, or if it was the crazy xwife of the four + years ago xboyfriend. It was years and years ago that they divorced, but I've heard she's very vindictive. Not that I've done anything to her! Sure, the xboyfriend and I are still friends, but haven't been romantically inclined for over 4 years. He's had some troubles with her, and he called me, some time back, telling me that if anyone comes to the door that I don't know, don't answer it. I was wondering if she might have followed me home from someplace, and came back around early morning. If it was someone walking, would they be carrying the brick, on the off chance they might see something they wanted to steal in a car?

So, once I got off work, I visited the kittens, then came home. I saw there were still glass fragments around. I pulled out the broom and swept some more. I still haven't cleaned any of the glass out of the car. I guess that will keep for tomorrow, or later this week. I'll have to call the glass shop, too. Damn!

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