Sunday, August 30, 2009


TV and stories.

My old television was too old for the digital converter, or I couldn't figure out a way to get it hooked up, anyway. When analog tv discontinued, that ended my television viewing. I bought a new digital TV a couple months ago, nothing majorly terrific.. just a 19inch flat screen. I hooked it up, and...nothing. It turned out that I needed an antanna. I ordered one over the Internet, and left it in its box for a couple weeks. Finally, last Saturday, I hooked up the new TV with the antanna. It was pretty frustrating, at first, but I finally realized I needed to run the "scan" feature, and now, I have 8 channels.

While I didn't have TV, I spent some time reading, and watching videos. I thought up a couple stories, but didn't fully type them, until today. I've posted them at The Practical Press. I still have a couple more that need to be finished. I guess I'll work on them, soon...but meanwhile, there are a lot of commercials I need to catch up on!

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