Monday, January 11, 2010


Lessons learned.

I was going through some boxes to throw some stuff away, when I found this old photograph. It brought back memories of an incident that happened during those days.

Many years ago, my brother came to visit. His motorcycle was a hit with a neighbor girl, and she wanted to go for a ride with him. He agreed, so she hopped up in back and they took off. It so happened that a young punk lived catty-corner to my place. He had thrown a rock at his parents' car, and the mother called the police on him.

Back in those days, we always called the cops, "Johnny Law".

Johnny Law was giving the punk kid a high-powered lecture when my brother and neighbor came rolling back on the motorcycle. Johnny Law ran to the street and yelled, "you! Stop!"

My brother stopped, and Johnny Law asked for his driver's license. He handed it over, and was told to park, and wait.

Once Johnny Law finished lecturing the punk kid, he ran my brother's license through their system, then came over to where my brother was waiting. Johnny Law told him he had stopped them for not wearing helmits. However. There was a warrant out for my brother's arrest.

A year prior, my brother had gone to Six-Flags, and offered to smoke some weed with a girl. She called security on him, and they called the police. They told him they would send the weed off to the lab, and if it was, indeed, weed, they would send notification. Supposedly, they had sent him notification, but he never received it.

Johnny Law put the cuffs on him, and took him to jail. The banks were closed, so my sister and I went to the store to cash checks to get enough cash for the bondsman to bail him out of jail. Funny note - Some years later, I was going to night school, and this particular Johnny Law was in one of my classes.

Lessons learned:
1) Never offer to smoke weed with someone you don't know.
2) Never ride a motorcycle without a helmit.
3) Never live across the road from a punk kid that might cause the law to come over.

Speaking of...
I've been watching COPS reruns when they come on television. Most of the people the police stop seem to be carrying some sort of drugs.

Lessons learned:

1) If you have a crack pipe on you, don't run a stop sign - driving or biking.
2) When the cops ask you about the crack pipe, don't tell them you took it away from some kids - as if kids will just give you, a stranger, their pipe.
3) If you have a crack pipe, or drugs, in your purse, 'fess up that it's your purse, instead of telling them some story about how, "I don't know whose purse it is, it was in the car when I got in." They will find your ID in the purse.
4) Don't tell the cops that you got the car from some guy downtown, and don't know who the guy was - how many people are going to just give away a car?... besides Oprah, of course.
5) Don't tell the cops you don't know how that cocaine, weed, crack, etc., got in your car - especially if you're already wasted.
6) Don't start fights while drinking. Someone will most likely end up going to jail.
7) When you're being stopped by police, don't jump out of the car and start running. You'll probably be hit by a car, or the police will chase you down. They can find you in brush, around apartment buildings, stores, fences, and in the lake you forgot was there.

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