Sunday, February 26, 2012


Las Vegas picture trip.

My friends decided to get married in Las Vegas, on Valentine's Day. Even though I was only going to be there from Monday night thru to Wednesday morning, early, I took the time off, and attended their wedding. I took a lot of pictures,(click this link to see them) but didn't post any identifiable ones - (peoplewise:). The picture, above, is from the Vegas airport. It was a crazy trip.

Monday morning, here, it decided to snow. I don't drive well in snow, so luckily, there was a van going to the airport, and it had room for me. I took Mango to the vet, and drove to the van. We had a nice trip to STL. There, the plane was half an hour late taking off. It touched down in Phoenix, and I had to run to catch my next flight.

Once in Las Vegas, I took a shuttle to the hotel, The Venetian, my friends were staying at. I forgot to bring the plug-in for my phone, but luckily, the groom had one, so my phone stayed in their room. My room was in another hotel, too far to walk to. My room-mate was a friend from AZ. Since she had driven, we took her car back to our hotel, the Monte Carlo.

The next morning, the bride called my room-mate, and asked her to stop at a store and get bottled water. We drove over there, and I jumped out to run to the store and get the water. I came back with three bottles, large enough to be quite heavy. When I got back to the Venetian, I remembered I didn't have my phone, and there are people that block you from going up to the rooms. I ran into a couple nieces of the groom who did not have the phone numbers of the bride and groom. Since we knew where the wedding was to be held (inside at St Marks - where the gondolas were) we headed up there. I carried the water all during the ceremony.

After that, we went to the Excaliber where the wedding party was having dinner. Then people were getting those hollywood photos taken, and shopping, so I carried the water and waited around. Finally, we made it back to the Venetian, where I handed off the water.

We went back to the Monte Carlo, and went upstairs to change. I headed down to the slots, and played for a bit. I made it back to the room around 12:30, Wednesday morning, and slept until 3:30AM. I caught the shuttle to the airport at 4:00AM, and waited for my plane.

On the plane, I tried to sleep, but there was a guy, that looked feverish, sitting across the aisle from me, coughing now and again. I hooked my glasses to the neckline of my shirt, and read. Somehow, I hit the glasses wrong, and they broke in the middle, SNAP!

Once we got to STL, I fuzzily made my way to the ground transportation area. Luckily for me, the signs were actually big and bold enough to read. The van drove me back to my car. I checked the glove box, and sure enough, I had an extra pair of glasses, thank goodness! I stopped at the vet to pick up the cat. He meowed all the way home. As soon as the cat carrier opened, he shut up. Wow! What a whirlwind trip!

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