Friday, October 26, 2012


Friday Cat Blogging - Parker Dmitri

Take a gander at Parker Dmitri's thumbnails. Have you ever seen anything like it? I wonder if cats can founder, like horses? The nails have fallen off in the past, and now they grew back. If I was a good kitty mommy, I would probably try to clip them. Parker Dmitri is not a good patient, though.

Happy Friday! As always, check out the wonderful animal pictures linked for Friday Ark at The Modulator.

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I can honestly say I have never seen anything like that. Cats would normally "trim" their nails by biting them off or wearing them down on a scratching post.

Maybe she's planning to see if she can open the Fancy Feast by herself?
Is that Parker D really a ninja kittah?
Bryan - They're really odd. The back nails are soft. I'm going to clip them with the scissors when I get the courage. The front ones are harder, but not brittle. If she could figure out how to get the Fancy Feast out of the locker, she just might try to open a can. :)

MandT - If she is, she needs to put on her black clothing. She knows the moves, though, as you can see by that stance. :)
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