Sunday, January 05, 2014



More pictures of previous snows. One picture shows my trailer, but you have to look close.

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Sure is nice to see you blogging again. Wonderful snow pics, but that cold sounds pretty intense. Hope you and the kitty cats stay warm!
Thank you, Robin Andrea. I'm having quite the time of it. Dish Internet can be irritating and my computer gets turned off when it starts making noise. I'm counting the days until spring:)
Great pic of the trailer... I have a pic of my house like that... From Jan 2011... our last snow...
How cold did it get at your house... during that polar vortex?
Thank you, Gardens-In-The-Sand. It's fun to post barely visible pictures, sometimes:) I guess it was about -12 as the lowest temperature, during the polar vortex. Wind chill factor was supposed to be about -30. I stayed inside during that morning. Went out in the afternoon to remove snow from the truck. It was nasty cold.
Had snow last week... Also see tumblr pics

Glad that I only rarely see that stuff...
Gardens-In-The-Sand - I heard about the snow there. Wow, traffic was stopped for quite a while, according to the news. I guess people either don't know how to drive in it, or get stuck in traffic with people who don't know how to drive in it. Hopefully, better weather has arrived for you. Here, we're supposed to get snow tomorrow, and both weekend days. I sure hope it's not much. I'm tired of it.
nice your bloge, thanks for see you my bloge
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