Friday, August 21, 2015


Deer in the way

One early-summer day, we were driving around a curve, and spied these deer. It had been raining a lot for the week, so there was high water on both sides of the road. I drove slow so as not to scare them too bad, letting them take their time.

The car behind me drove slow, too. Another car was driving too quickly and had to squeal the brakes. Finally, mom found a more solid spot, and they took off into the woods. I suppose by going so slow, I was causing a risk to other drivers, but really, until the deer got off the road, they were also causing a risk to other drivers.

Happy Friday! As always, check out the wonderful animal pictures linked for Friday Ark at The Modulator.

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A deer hit at speed can really mess up a car or pickup and there is no easy way to know which way they are apt to move if you startle them. They are really bad at night because they freeze, and then bolt. Often there are deer out of sight who will follow the first one across the road, so missing one deer is no guarantee you won't hit s second. Slowing down and letting get off the road is safest thing you can do.
What Bryan said is absolutely true. If you can safely slow down and let them cross the road, it's the safest thing for them and for you. I'm so happy to took these photos and all is well for everyone!
Bryan & Robin Andreq. Thank you both for your comments. Both make me feel much better. That area is notorious for ending animals' lives. I make sure to go slowly, but many people don't. As for more deer out of sight, you sure have that right! Since I travel on a rural road, I've seen a lot of deer this year. Many times, they come bounding out as my car crawls down the road.
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