Friday, February 11, 2005

Cotton does not like having his picture taken. Posted by Hello

Awww.... my Coby is the same way. He either turns his back or lowers his head and gives me "The Look."
Toooo cute! Samantha and Tabitha couldn't care less, and seldom thwart my picture-taking efforts. They don't much like the camera's focus beam, though.

The Yellow Doggerel Democrat
Cotton is a handsome fellow! Basking away in the sunlight I see. I also see a blanket that looks very familiar. I have one just like it!
kat, the it's weird, my other 2 cats usually walk toward me to ruin the pictures, but Cotton waits until the picture snaps and poof, his face is gone.
steve bates - I still think Samantha and Tabitha are both the same kitty.:)
Wanda, I've noticed that people, who have cats, tend to let their cats sit (or lay) on cat picture blankies. I've guess the blanket makers had a good thing when they made that design.
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