Sunday, July 08, 2007


True stories

Yesterday, I took off and enjoyed the sun and water. I've posted pictures at the other blog. That's probably my vacation for the summer, unless I get another chance to go floating.

Remember my post, last year, entitled Dirty Laundry? Well, these aren't laundry stories, but they're not the normal day type of occurance. One of these things happened to me in the last week or so. Can you guess which one? These are all true stories, but only one was mine.

I went to the hospital to have a stress test. They put the leads and electrodes on my upper chest, right below the collar bone. After the monitoring was done, they removed the leads and allowed me to go. Happily, I made it to my part-time job on time. About two hours into the job, I had to visit the restroom. Since my chest seemed uncomfortable, where the leads had been, I looked in the mirror. I noticed there were two small electrodes still attached to my skin, below my collar bone. I removed them. When I got back to my department, I asked my co-workers why none of them even mentioned the electrodes to me. My neckline was low enough that they should have shown. They said they didn't notice.

I had an appointment to get to and I was running late. I wanted to put my contacts in, but didn't have the time. I grabbed my contact case and the small bottle of eye drop solution, and took off. I made it there on time. I still had time to put the contacts in, so I stopped at the ladies room. I opened the contact container and put a drop of solution on my finger. Before picking up a contact, I noticed the solution felt a bit thicker than normal. I pulled the bottle close to read its label. It wasn't contact solution at all. It was super glue! I was so glad I hadn't put the drop of solution on the contact, first!

I got to my part-time job and thought I'd make some coffee. The machine is one of those large ones with three burners. None of the burners were on, so I grabbed the coffee pot, filled it with water, and poured it into the reservoir. I pulled out a coffee filter and a packet of coffee. I pulled the filter basket out of the machine. Water started spewing everywhere. It took me a moment to realize I needed to put the basket back in and set the pot under. When it finished, I dumped it out, filled the coffee pot with fresh water, and waited to pour it into the reservoir until AFTER I'd put the new filter and coffee into the basket, and the basket back into the machine.

My car was at the shop. In this town, there are two shops with similar names. One is in my cell phone. The shop called and told me my car was ready to go. I told the guy I'd see if I could get a ride, but if not, I'd need the courtesy van. He said to call him back if I needed a ride. My friend couldn't take me so I called the number in my cell phone. I told the lady who I was and I needed a ride. She called the courtesy van to find out when the driver could pick me up. She came back on and said he would be there in half an hour. When he arrived, I jumped in and we took off. We talked and talked. He said, "Did you get a ride this morning?" I told him a different driver gave me a ride. He asked who, and I told him. He said he didn't think that guy had been there, this morning. I then made a remark that perhaps I had the wrong shop. We were driving into the entrance and I realized it WAS the wrong shop. No problem, he gave me a ride to the correct one. I asked if he could get in trouble for giving me a ride. He said, "Naw, it happens all the time". In fact, one time, he even gave a ride to a guy whose car was at a much differently named shop. As I got out, he said, "I won't tell if you don't". This is the second time I got them confused. I never take my car to that shop because it's out of my way. I changed the number in my cell phone.

I took a shower and washed my hair. I got out and dried myself. I dried my hair, combed it out, then sprayed it with hairspray. I wanted it to maintain a certain look. As I formed it, I noticed it didn't stay in place. I looked at the can and found I'd sprayed it with deodorant. It certainly smelled good!


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