Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Personal physician

Have you ever had five cats angry at you? It's not pretty. And it started out as such a good day!

Lady For Tuna and Sgt Mango Goldstein had gotten a note, a month or two ago, from their personal physician, saying it was time for their yearly innoculations. I made an appointment to take them in tonight. Meanwhile, back at the home front, kitties have been scratching. The last Frontline administered was over a month ago. (This was thanks to Rocky Girl getting out and making friends with the flea-carrying feral kitties). I figured they need one or two more applications to be sure no more fleas will be bothering them.

I picked up some Frontline, after the doc gave the shots, and we came home. I gave each cat his, or her, dose of Frontline. Grey Feather seems to have gotten a taste of it; she came running through the living room and up onto something high, licking air. I'm hoping it doesn't cause her any further problems, but I have her physician's number on speed-dial, just in case.

So... if no Friday Cat Blogging post shows up on Friday... and if no further posts show up, you'll know they got revenge while I was sleeping.

Oh, and I found my car's Owner's Manual. It's now in the car:)

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