Sunday, September 30, 2007


Aches and Bruises

When I have a weekend off, I find there are many things I want to do. After a late night of work, I had a bike ride waiting for me, Saturday. It was a great day. The friend and grandkids enjoyed I did.
It's always fun to listen to bike horn echoes, as you ride through one of these. Just ask the grandkids.
Sunday, My sister asked me to come over to ride horses. I didn't realize she had an ulterior motive. Once I got there, I found out I needed to unclog the sink, before we could go riding. I was happy to do so.Jeremiah always seemed to have so much energy. I didn't realize I'd ride the poor thing into the ground. However, pictures don't lie. Again, I'm reminded that I need to lose some weight!

I have aches and bruises from the fun filled weekend. When riding horses, I tend to wear shorts. The saddle rubs against my thighs, creating blue and purple coloration. I'll take the bruises. The ride was terrific!

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