Sunday, September 02, 2007


Church on Sunday.

I ended up having to work the weekend. For the past couple months, I've been thinking about taking the kayak out for a ride, but am usually too tired to pull it off the couch and tie it to the top of the car, once I get back from work.

There is a lake that I wanted to visit. I wasn't sure if I knew how to get there, and I certainly didn't want to drive around with the boat on the car if I couldn't find the place. Yesterday, after work, I took off to find the place. It was pretty easy to get to. Friday, they told us we'd be able to leave at noon on Sunday.
My plan was to tie the kayak on the car and go to work. After work, I could head on out to the lake. Yesterday, we found out that we would not get to leave at noon. We would have to be there until 2:00, at least. I left the kayak home. At 2:30pm, I headed back home to take a nap. The kayak kept making noises that it wanted to go out to the lake. Fine! I threw it on the car and headed out. It was beautiful!

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