Sunday, September 09, 2007


Visiting Sis.

Sis has two black cats, but you can easily tell them apart because Brenda's the one sticking out her tongue.Jeremiah.
This picture is after the ride and after he rolled. Sis invited me to come out and ride horses, since I actually had the weekend off. Instead of riding Hermie as I usually do, she let me ride Jeremiah, which was definitely a treat. He's a fun horse to ride. His trot is actually less jarring than I expected. That's a good thing, because he likes to trot, arching his neck and lifting his feet in a fancy manner...and his gallop! Marvelous!Millie and Prince VanDoe.
Sis rode Millie. Millie is the tallest of Sis's horses...and fast! They took off and we managed to pass them, after Sis slowed Millie down. As we were riding side by side, Millie turned to Jeremiah and laid her ears back. Sis says she was telling Jeremiah, "you didn't beat us!" (A couple years ago, I rode Millie on a trail ride. She jumped a small creek and I fell off. I don't think I was paying attention. The fall was in soft dirt and I broke nothing. Maybe, I'll be allowed to ride her again, someday:) Yesterday, after riding, I had to come home and take a nap. Today, my muscles slightly ache. Obviously, I don't ride often enough.

Some other photos are posted at the other blog.

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