Wednesday, October 03, 2007


People in our lives.

It's funny what we can learn from the people in our lives. I was complaining to two of my female co-workers about my 18-hour bras and how hard they are to fasten in the back. They have four hooks and eyes. As I pulled the back wings to hook, my thumb, that's been broken in the past and probably has arthritis, gets tired. I might be able to hook two eyes, but still need to hook the other two. So, I rest my thumb and try it again. If I've pulled it too tight and my hand is pressing against my back, that hurts, too. Anyway, one of them spoke up, "well, I pull the bra on backwards, fasten it, then twist the cups around front and pull the straps over my arms." The other girl agreed. I'd never thought of such a thing! It works fine. Later, when I was comenting on what we can learn from others, another friend said, "I also fasten it that way, because my arms aren't long enough to fasten it in the back."

Another impact was the actions of X. The boss who gave me a ride one icy day, last winter. One night, while I was working, Y, who travels for the company, called me and said she'd broken down in a rural area. It was about 10:00 pm. I asked her what she was going to do, could she call a garage? Of course, they're all closed by then. She said she'd call me back. When she called back, she asked me to give her her boss's number. I did so. I didn't hear any more from her.

When I went out to my car, I sat there and thought about Y. I didn't like it that she was stranded someplace very rural, and in the dark, at that. I asked myself, "what would X do?" I knew what X would do. I called Y and asked her if someone was coming for her. She said, "no, I left a message on the boss's phone, and she hasn't gotten back to me, yet." I told her to give me the directions and I would come for her. She said, "but you're off work." My answer was, "yes, that's why I can come and pick you up." She gave me the directions.

I only had to backtrack once, and that was only a mile or two:) Past towns, up and down hills, around curves I've never driven before at night, I arrived at the appointed place. I picked her up and she said, "the boss called back and said she'd come pick me up, but I told her you were already on your way. She's going to see to it that you get paid for time and mileage. She hopes you can stop at two places so she won't have to do it later, in the morning." So we did. And we made it back in good time. It was only about 100 mile round trip. Luckily, I didn't see any deer. At night, they scare me. The picture, above, is not from that night, but from a recent morning.

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