Saturday, February 07, 2009


What a catastrophe!

Meow, yall! Mom had to go somewhere to do something for some period of time, but she left the blog keys in the open. I thought I'd tell you about the scary happenings over here.

This morning, mom got up and gave us treats, like she always does. She pulled down the cat carrier from the couch and set it up with the door open. We kitties took off like there was someone at the door. We scattered so fast we were blurs! Mom made coffee and drank it. We started calming down and started hanging around. Mom walked around petting kitties. All of a sudden, she grabs me and starts petting me, carrying me toward the carrier. She dropped me in and locked the door! Oh, meow, woe is me ow! I started meowing at the top of my lungs, but she didn't care. What a horrible, horrible thing to happen! In a heartless manner she set my carrier in the back seat of the car, got in, and drove to my pcp. They weighed me, 11.5, svelte I tell ya, and then the doc stuck a thermometer up my butt. How embarrassing! He shaved off some hair under my chin and stuck a needle in me! He said he'd call later.

We were home and mom was just sitting there when the phone rang. I think she was watching Beastmaster. Anyway, I heard her say, "insulin shots, twice a day?!"

I'm thinking, "this can't be good," and then she said, "pills to help liver enzymes? Special cat food? I feed all five by giving them food that they can eat whenever they want. No treats?!"

I'm doomed. I can just feel it. I'm getting my claws sharpened cause when she pokes me with the needle, I'm gonna poke her back!Sincerely, Sgt. Mango Goldstein.

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