Saturday, March 21, 2009


Sitting here feeling pissed.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! had Portia de Rossi, spouse of Ellen Degeneres, on his show, Friday night. She is such a cutie. Of course Ellen is a cutie, too...and Jimmy's a cutie, as well.

Jimmy asked Portia what she thought of proposition 8, the one that disallows same-sex marriages, passing. She mentioned how the outcome surprised her, and since Ellen had a forum to air her feelings about it, she, Portia, wanted to do so, too. She showed a short video, Portia De Rossi's PSA, about it. Portia was standing in front of their wedding picture. She explained that she and Ellen had already gotten married, and so she was apologizing to ALL the people whose lives have been affected, and hurt, by her getting married.

Indeed! She did a great job and I hope all those losers anti-gay marriage types, who voted for proposition 8, feel foolish. I hope they realize how small-minded they are.

You know, in the not so distant past...shit...let's be real, here..., more like since my teens, twenties, thir... etc,... you get the drift, I wanted to get married. Unfortunately for me, I could't even find a stupid guy (or an intelligent guy, or just an average Joe guy) to marry me! In the movie, 'Til There Was You, Gwen is explaining to Harriet why she wasn't married. Paraphrasing here: "at first I was too young, then I was too old, but right in the middle there was about a minute or two where I could have gotten married, but I must not have been paying attention." Me Too! Now, for me, it's too damn late! I'm a dried up and bitter old cow, aka "Krazy Kat Lady"!

For goodness sakes, let the people who find someone to marry, marry, whether they are hetero or same-sex! Shouldn't everyone have that happy opportunity?

Oh, yeah. The picture is a bad photo of something I painted today. The head, eye, and beak definitely need a little more work. The water (can you tell?) needs work too. I uploaded the picture to and lightened it up a bit. That helped...slightly.

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