Friday, November 09, 2012


Firday Cat Blogging - Jack Sprat and his wife

My fattest cat and my skinniest cat, both together. You know, I am sure glad the election is over, but would someone, please, tell these stupid cats they shouldn't be listening to Limbaugh. They figure that now Obama was re-elected, their checks will come rolling in.

Limbaugh is calling Obama Santa Claus. He may be right. At least, we know O is working on trying to get the USA straightened out. When that happens, we can declare Christmas has arrived! It took W eight years to get us in this mess, how come these people think it can be straightened out in four? And as far as all the money rolling out, do they think our soldiers should work for free? How about all those fire arms and artillary? I'm sure we had to pay a pretty penny for them.

I have to admit, I've been enjoying the comments on all the online articles. The people who voted for Romney are not happy! Hahahah. Loving it!! And yeah, it is fun to gloat.

Happy Friday! As always, check out the wonderful animal pictures linked for Friday Ark at The Modulator.

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It wasn't that long ago that PD was a kitten and now she's a cat and a half.

It's always nice to see the Sergeant.

Living in a swing state that can't count votes I'm overjoyed that it is finally over.
Bryan - That's such a funny way of describing Parker Dmitri, but certainly accurate! Yeah, I'm really glad the electionis over, too. I have all sorts of flyers that need to be shredded. Hey - it's great that your votes have finally been counted! It took awhile, that's for sure:)
Those kittahs look exhausted from waiting so long in the voting lines. Did they write in Shamus? Did they get tuna treats and catnip as rewards?
MandT - Oh, yeah, they were so tired from waiting in the lines. I don't know who they voted for, they refused to tell me. Yeah, they got Temptation treats so they could hang on my ankles as boots.
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