Friday, April 19, 2013


Friday Cat Blogging - Goodbye Mango

April 15, 2013, I got up to give Mango his shot and his Fancy Feast.  He didn't come when I called.  When I found him, he couldn't get up.  I brought him into the kitchen, gave him his shot and his food.  He gobbled up his food.  I called the vet office, but the vet wouldn't be in until evening (turns out it was opening day for turkey season).  I set an appointment for the evening.

When I got home, I fed Mango some more Fancy Feast, then held him for a couple hours.  When it was time, I put him in a cat bed, and put him in the car.  We were almost there, when a truck decided to get to a gas station by going through my car - see picture below.  It took the police close to an hour to get there to take a report.  Luckily, Mango seemed to be close to unconscious.  When we got to the vet office, he verified that Mango's kidneys were shot.  Goodbye my sweet boy.  You were such a good kitty.

Happy Friday! As always, check out the wonderful animal pictures linked for Friday Ark at The Modulator.

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Oh, so sad!

We looked forward to Mango boarding the Ark with us and will miss him.

My deepest condolences, OWL.

The Sergeant was a favorite of mine, as you know, and he will be missed.
OWL, my heartfelt condolences... they don't make 'em like Sgt. Mango anymore; all of us will miss him. Thanks for sharing his picture with us every week.
It's so sad to read that Sgt Mango is gone. He was one sweet kitty cat.

Sorry to hear about your car too.
Steve - Thank you. Mango was a good kitty. We enjoyed boarding him on the Ark. He was the last of the three boys. Now, all I have are girls.

Bryan - Thank you. Yes, he was certainly a special kitty. Because of the diabetes, we went through a lot of litter. I took out trash for a full week of just the girls, and it was so light!

Steve Bates - Thank you. You're right, they don't make em like him, anymore. When my friend caught him, she couldn't keep him because he had claws. He was a treasure!

Robin Andrea - Thank you. I miss Mango following me around, like he did the last couple months. Parker Dmitri has decided I need to be followed, so she is taking up the slack. Poor car has a door that isn't flush. It's been raining so much, I have to put towels down before sitting down. Still waiting to hear what the insurance co wants to do.
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