Sunday, March 29, 2015


New Cat in Town

There's a new cat in town.  This is Dan D Lion.  He arrived here last summer.  He stayed near, but I could never catch him, until this year.  I tried to live trap him, but caught an opossum.  I gave up on the live trap when winter arrived.  Finally, this spring, he overcame his fear.  I gave him some food, and one day, he came up close and rubbed his head and body under my hand. 

I now have another cat.  He went to the vet for his shots, but can't get fixed until he gets a booster shot - 30 days after the initial shots.  Ten days after that, he gets to have surgery.  The other outside cats (Midnight being one of the as she is inside/outside) will be happy if the surgery stops him from chasing them.


Dan D indeed.

You get the long hairs, but they are really rare down here.

Welcome back!
He sure is a pretty kitty cat. How lucky for him that he found you.

Thank you for the comments on the Dharma Bums. Always so good to hear from you!
Thank you, Bryan. I will try to get onto the computer, at home, more often. That's funny that the longer haired cats are rare in Florida. I guess it's because it's so warm there?

Thank you, Robin Andrea. I agree that he's pretty lucky. He gets to go to the vet, this week, to get fixed. That will be a good thing for him, as he has a lot of fighting scars. Maybe it will keep him home.
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