Sunday, August 16, 2015


Just a couple photos

Kitty was sitting on the table, outside. I thought it would be nice to take her picture. How cute!
I planted this hibiscus, this year. It was from one of the local nurseries. I wanted to get some of the non tropical, so I wouldn't have to take them in for the winter. It turns out, the blooms on this plant are dinner plate size. I plan to plant another one, next year.
As I walked out the door, to go to work, I spied this little visitor. He was hanging out on the door. Lucky for me, I had the camera.
I hardly ever see quail. When I spied these two, crossing the road, I reached for the camera!

Hope you all are doing well. I don't get on very often, anymore. I figured I had the time, this morning, because The Walking Dead marathon is on. Might as well post, while the commercials are on:)

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Miss Kitty looks like she's auditioning for a horror movie :)

Your picture of the frog reminds me that I have heard or seen any frogs for a couple of years. They used to us the pond in the side yard to lay eggs.
Bryan - Ha. That little kitty could win the role, if she triedr! She likes to get up on the shed and lay around. Each time I look up, she's moved to another spot...I don't see her move.

That's too bad about the frogs not being around, anymore. They sure are vocal in the spring/summer. I had to build a lagoon, and all the regular frogs just moved right in. Besides tree frogs, I mostly see leopard frogs around in the yard.
Always love seeing what you're seeing. Love these photographs. Hope all is well for you and you can post more often.
Robin Andrea - Thank you. I sure enjoy snapping pictures. I hope to post more often. Things are going fine, but I'm fighting weeds most of my time away from work. It rained so much this spring/summer, that everything grew...a lot. I would pull weeds, and the next couple days, there would be more! :)
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