Sunday, November 27, 2016


Just thinking about things.

While driving down a road, in a town near me, I saw this backyard. It was so interesting, I had to turn into the next street and find my way back. I thought it was photo-worthy. It gives me some ideas on other yard animals that would be fun to create. Maybe I will.

What an election, huh?!? I was saddened for a while...well, truth to tell, still am saddened, but then thought about those second amendment folks, and how HC was (more or less) threatened with them. I don't think the president-elect really wanted the presidency. He was too caught up in his rhetoric, and planning on all the financial deals he could make from running. Now, it looks as though he can still make all sorts of financial deals because of existing laws that (he says - and apparently others agree) make the president immune from conflict of interest! What?

I'm all for recounts of WI, MI, and PA! ...And if they find the counts were messed with, perhaps all the states need recounts. Good call, Jill Stein!

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Nice giraffe! I would like to see one of those while driving down the road. I'm all for the recount too. Just read that Trump is trying to block recounts in both Michigan and Pennsylvania. Mmmm... I wonder why.

Thank you for stopping by our blog the other day. It was so good to hear from you.
I keep thinking there's going to be an April fools moment... Or.... Trump will just go away, and let somebody qualified take over.... At this point.... Even Pence would have to do a better job....
I couldnt vote for Jill Stien.... She wasn't on the ballot here....wasnt happy voting for H. still waiting for Biden to run so I can vote for him retroactively....

What I'm not getting is why nobody is raising a fuss about a muzzled EPA, are we supposed to accept his theory about a Chinese conspiracy?
Seems like a case of 2 + 2 = 5.

If y'all thought 10 years of a dust bowl brought on by a few wheat farmers.... Was something, wait till the polar ica caps finish melting, and the ocean currents stop....
The whole world is gonna look like the sarhara, except where the ocean floods the low areas.... What you gonna eat then.... What good is trumps millions gonna do anyone?
Thank you, Robin Andrea. I always love to see your photos. You see a lot of creatures I never get to see in wild.
Gardens-In-The_sand. I agree with you. You'd think those "representatives" would at least think of their kids' futures. It seems as though it's always about the money and their lobbyists.
It was so good to hear from you.

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