Saturday, April 08, 2006


TV is off.

After I took the picture, I realized it was a little, how should I put it... off, but I liked it anyway.
I was checking my other E-mail account and found that I had one sitting there, since March, from my cousin. The first line made me laugh. I'm sending him an E-mail asking if they might change their minds about that bike. They are also some of the people I went on the float trip with, last year.
We are all well, considering we are not lawyers hunting in Texas. His Wife got a smaller bike she is happier with, I lost 8 pounds and gained 4 back, Son may get to play video games next week if he is back on the honor roll, and Another Son is OK, too.
We decided to keep the little 450 Custom for a porch bike, always ready to go to work or to the store. I may be riding it a good bit this summer to work as I don't have a rider anymore.
We got to go on a little local float last Sunday, about 5 or 6 miles with the creek up a bit. Brother's Wife's Brother-in-law came up and brought his boy, so our kids got to go as well. Beautiful day with occasional sun, good water, and no beer....
I still owe your Ma a letter from Christmas, and I hope to get it wrote soon.
Please extend our best wishes to all, especially My Sister.
And speaking of pictures, I filled that CDRW you sent me with pix, I will send it along sometime.
Cuz His Name

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