Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Finally - took the kayak out.

I've been meaning to take the kayak out, all summer long. I had to work a couple weekends, and before that, all sorts of things had to be done. Finally, I took it out on Sunday. It was a great day. There were a couple boats out there, too. Since those people were fishing, I didn't paddle as far as I wanted to. I didn't want to scare the fish, if they were catching anything. I made several laps across the water, and spent some time just floating around. It was marvelous!I was able to do some bird watching, too. I took several pictures, but I couldn't get a really good shot, and as I moved too close, the heron took to wing. The wing shot didn't turn out very well, either.But, all in all, it was as just as fantastic as I thought it would be.

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