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Bitchfest Contest 2ndpage

I think we can continue this until Monday evening. How about some more contestants?


Would we be better with, or without, Louisiana?

...But a lot's changed since timber companies clear-cut Louisiana's swamps. The state has lost 1,900 square miles of coast - an area the size of Delaware.

The reasons are many, and logging is among them...
Louisiana Agonizes Over the Future of Its Majestic Cypress Forests By Cain Burdeau Associated Press Writer.


There are two squirrels in this picture.


Cool bumper stickers!

The Dark Wraith is having his semi-annual fund raiser and worth noting, besides the usual items at the Dark Wraith Forums E-Store, are some fantastic bumper stickers:
The first one is DRAFT REPUBLICANS, and it is available from now through Tuesday, August 2. The second one is HE LIED TO START A WAR, IMPEACH HIM, and that one will be available from Friday, August 5 through Tuesday, August 9. The third one is JUST SAY NO TO MEN WHO AREN'T PRO-CHOICE, and that one will be available from Friday, August 12 through Tuesday, August 16. The fourth and last one is IF YOU VOTED FOR GEORGE BUSH, THANKS, YOU ASSHOLE, and that one will be available from Friday, August 19 through Tuesday, August 23.

It looks like we now have the option to get a magnetic bumper sticker instead of the usual. Of course, that happened after I ordered mine;) I plan to order the JUST SAY NO TO MEN WHO AREN'T PRO-CHOICE, too! It has a cat on it.
Anyway, why don't you stop by and see what's there. Tell Dark Wraith that, "oldwhitelady sent me!" You won't get a discount, but it will make me happy:)


Church outing...

Bus Carrying Church Group Crashes in Southwest Arkansas The Associated Press .
DODDRIDGE, Ark. (AP) - A tour bus and a pickup truck collided Saturday on a highway in southwest Arkansas, injuring 31 people...
...The bus was carrying members of a church youth group that was returning to Baton Rouge, La., from a trip to Tulsa, Okla. Both drivers were flown to hospitals...

31 people hurt out of the 45 people on the bus. Now that will be another reason for me to not go to church. Oh, don't get me wrong. I have gone to church. I've spent many hours underlining passages in the Bible so I'd have a better understanding of God's words. I've had a former classmate and former co-workers trying to save my soul, too. I have thought about going to a certain church because the teachings of the minister sounded quite consistent with my current mindset. The main problem, though, with that particular church is distance. I think I'll just go to Landover Baptist Church for all my religious needs. While I'm at it, I'd like to suggest this book Nancy Boy Chrissy, The Bed-Wetting Sissy! as a good read for anyone. Want to feel like you've just been to church? Here's Betty Bowers Bible Quiz. I missed one. I guess I'm going to heaven in the end:)

Saturday, July 30, 2005



Look at spiritraveller's

Voices in the Wilderness Photo Essay — Fallujah: An Unnatural Disaster Tuesday 7th June 2005, by Joe Carr.
This article shows pictures of Fallujah... after US bombing. These are just the buildings.

Link was found at GreatScat!


This is what I took a picture of, today. I think it's a Cicada skin.


Bitchfest contest...

I am sick of the Site Meter - forget anymore posts about that. It takes too much time to look at it. So......In the last post, I asked if you wanted a whining contest. I had been over at Phantom Scribbler and she has whining contests on Wednesday. Well, the comments seemed to tell me that a whining contest was in order. I decided to call it a bitchfest so we could bitch up a storm (I didn't want to get sued for stealing her idea, either:)
So, shall I start? I had to work tonight. I was tired from working too much, anyway. Damn! After two beers, everything seems quite lovely and I'm content...
Well, let me think back. Ok, Hey, I got a raise at my part-time job. Hmmm... I'm not too good at this. I'm sure I'll think of something to bitch about, while working this weekend. Have at it.... tell us your worst. Let's see who has the worst story from this past week. Dentist, pets, kids, spouses, relatives, jobs, - they're all fair game in this particular post....

Update: The only prize, there will be, is the knowledge that you beat NTodd in the Bitchfest Contest.

Update 2: The reason I picked on NTodd is that he's always winning things... Even that Hunk contest...

Friday, July 29, 2005


Whining wins

Ok, tell me what you think. I was over at Phantom Scribbler's blog and the Wednesday post is a Whining contest. She had over 120 comments on that particular post. Looking at the few (but wonderful) comments I get, I was wondering if I should have a whining contest once in a while? Please, let me know what you think!


Site Meter revisited...

Ok, I checked the site meter referrals. I found (within the last 24 hours) five searches for "trailertrash", and not ONE answered my questions in this post! Unless.... they were the jokers posting in the comment section. I wouldn't put anything past them:)

and on another note...

I was afraid The Practical Press would ban me from posting after this latest short short story, Rivalry.


Friday cat blogging.

Cotton and Saddie saying hi to each other. At least they're not sniffing each other's butts, like dogs do.

Thursday, July 28, 2005


This guy was canoeing down the river, yesterday.


Site Meter

When I have nothing better to do, I like to check how my visitors arrived at my blog. I've noticed quite a few googles of "trailertrash". My curiosity is killing me. I have questions. When googling "trailertrash", did you arrive at my blog on purpose, or by mistake?
For instance, I know there are some sites that offer porn "trailertrash" and I am wondering if, when you arrived at my blog, were you pissed because there wasn't much porn available? Were you actually looking for kitty porn and forgot the kitties' names? Or were you just having a bit of fun to make me wonder? I would appreciate if you could leave a comment stating which.

By the way, just a thought to a particular person who might stop by, the idea of the car sitting in the hot broiling sun, for countless days, trunk filled with carrion, always makes me laugh.

Bush is Not an American By DOUG THOMPSON
...This is no longer an issue of differing political opinions or philosophies. This is war, a fight for survival

In other words: No rules.

Bush, in my opinion, is criminally insane, a pill-popping dry drunk whose erratic behavior and reckless actions threaten world peace and the future of this nation far more than any Islam-spouting religious fanatic. He is an enemy of the state, a mood-swinging despot who threatens the very freedoms that form the foundation for this country. He has created a police state where basic American freedoms have vanished under an politically-exaggerated threat to national scrutiny, milked the human tragedy of 9/11 for his personal agenda and ripped the Constitution to shreds through the USA Patriot Act, a rights-robbing piece of legislation put together by his former attorney general, the bible-thumping John Ashcroft, an inept former Senator who couldn’t even win an election against a dead man...
Great read! He's correct. It is time for us to get off our backsides and start working toward taking our country back. We have to remember, "Survival of the fittest". So far, the current party ruling the government has allowed money and other countries' goodwill to be squandered, shamelessly. Both parties have, pretty much, allowed this to go on. It's time to choose bold, new representatives who value this great country. It's also a time to stand up and make our voices heard.

On the lighter side: Bush.
Thanks to Guy at Eschaton comments.


I laid down on the ground to take this shot. My friend said, "I wish I had my camera with me, I would've taken a picture of you taking this picture."



Daedalus, at Washingtonrox, was reading a "hate" blog Have a problem? Genocide cures all!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Now this sucks!

Four-Year-Old Found Wandering on Major Highway in Outside Washington, D.C.
According to the article, the mother was upset with the child and abandoned him. When he tried to get back in, she hit him with the car and drove off. State police, later, found her after she was involved in a two-car accident.


Boy Scouts didn't get Wednesday visit by sheeple leader

Oh, CultureGhost - did you see this? I'm thinking it might have been the patch you posted that really scared him. Or, maybe, he doesn't want to visit where there have been deaths? He might have to go to a funeral...even one he didn't cause.
White House Cancels Bush Trip to Boy Scout Camp Because of Weather - By Jennifer Loven Associated Press Writer.
WASHINGTON (AP) - Bad weather forced President Bush to cancel a trip Wednesday to the Boy Scouts' national jamboree where tens of thousands of youngsters have been saddened by the deaths of four of their leaders in a tragic accident...
...The White House said Bush would instead travel to the gathering on Thursday evening...
...At the last jamboree four years ago, Bush also canceled his appearance because of bad weather, in which lightning strikes caused minor injuries to two Scouts, and spoke to the group a day later via videotape...


Here we go again

Government Investigating Possible Case of Mad Cow By Libby Quaid Associated Press Writer-Published: Jul 27, 2005
WASHINGTON (AP) - The government is investigating a possible new case of mad cow disease but says there is no threat to the U.S. food supply...

...The animal died in April, but the veterinarian who removed the brain forgot to send in the sample until last week, Clifford said...

...The brain-wasting disease is known medically as bovine spongiform encephalopathy, or BSE. In people, eating meat products contaminated with BSE is linked to about 150 deaths from a fatal disorder called variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. Most of the deaths were in the United Kingdom, where there was an outbreak in the 1980s and 1990s...
Maybe vegetarians have the right idea.


My blog is an insignificant microbe...

By clicking on the link at The Pepper Farm, I was able to join the TTLB Ecosystem, which told me that:
I'm an Insignificant Microbe in the TTLB Ecosystem.


Open Thread

...and it's finally raining.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Baa Baa

True Blue Liberal shows us "Here's the Church, Here's the Steeple, Open the Doors and See all the . . . .


My house. Oh, look - no one's standing in front of it.


I know it's a joke, but it wouldn't surprise me.

From Old Horsetail Snake Here is the recruiting poster for Redneck Bubbas that the government wants to drop behind the lines of the Iraqi insurgents:

"It is always open season.
"There is no bag limit.
"They taste like chicken.
"They don't like country music, or Jesus.
"Some is queer.
"They are directly responsible for the death of Dale Earnhardt."


Watertiger has a great blog

From Dependable Renegade In the middle of his speech, Cheney caught conflicting...
Oh.My.Goddess... This one left me laughing, too much.


quotes that caused mass destruction

From Pissed_Off_Patricia at Blondsense, here's an article with quotes from all of our favorite villians. Official Lies for Fun and Profit - it contains all those golden oldies, including:
”We know for a fact that there are weapons there.”
Ari Fleischer
Press Briefing, Jan. 9, 2003

"We know where they are. They're in the area around Tikrit and Baghdad and east, west, south and north somewhat.”
Donald Rumsfeld ABC Interview,
March 30, 2003

”I'm not surprised if we begin to uncover the weapons program of Saddam Hussein -- because he had a weapons program.”
George W. Bush
Remarks to Reporters, May 6, 2003

”U.S. officials never expected that "we were going to open garages and find" weapons of mass destruction.”
Condoleeza Rice
Reuters Interview, May 12, 2003
Now wait a minute.... What's Condoleeza saying? According to Rumsfield, the weapons were all over the place.
”They may have had time to destroy them, and I don't know the answer.”
Donald Rumsfeld
Remarks to Council on Foreign Relations, May 27, 2003
And here, the bastard's backpeddling...

Monday, July 25, 2005


My car and my shed. Too bad there was someone standing in front of them.


Song meme

Well, Thersites at Metacomments tagged me with some music song meme thingie:

"List ten songs that you are currently doesn't matter what genre they are from, whether they have words,
or even if they're no good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying right now. Post these instructions, the artists,
and the ten songs in your blog. Then tag five other people to see what they're listening to."

Anyone who knows of my penchant for Queen would have realized how boring my list is.

Rain Must Fall - Queen - "Into every life a little rain must fall". I've had my share of rain.
Driven by you - Queen
Jealousy - Queen - Great piano beginning
No One Knows - Queens of the Stoneage - I guess this song came out a year or two ago. I sure disliked it, at first, but after hearing it over and over on the radio, I began to believe. I began to enjoy. I bought the CD.
No News - Lonestar - Oh, yeah. This song is so right for me. I have to be told. I 'm not good, at all, with hints.
The one on the right is on the left - Johnny Cash - This song is so right for the current times.
Honky Tonk Truth - Brooks & Dunn
Magic Dance - David Bowie - from the movie Labrynth - I liked that movie and music so much, I bought the soundtrack and video. No, it wasn't because of Bowie's outfit.
Don't Bring Me Down - ELO - What can I say? This is terrific. The CD, "Discovery", is one of my favorites. It has such good music, all the way through.
The Dance - Garth Brooks

I'm going to throw this out to my readers for the five I'm supposed to "tag". Once again, it looks as though I am requesting Volunteers. Please, please, please...
If you choose to participate, you can put the list in comments, here, or on your own blog and put the linky in comments. In advance, I thank you.


There was a fantastic sun on my way home last night, but I missed getting the picture. This was a little later, on the drive.


The kitties really had food this weekend:) I took off for the weekend, though for a float trip. Saturday night, seven of us took kayaks for a dark night ride. We got into the river at about 10:00pm and traveled about 4 to 5 miles. It took us three hours to do so. The moon did come out, but it really wasn't a lot of help. It was beautiful, though. We ran into gravel bars, twigs, logs and small trees. Not being able to see what was in front of us caused it to take a lot longer than it would normally would have. I didn't get any night shots because I'm not sure the digital would take them, and I didn't want to get that camera wet. With the amount of water in my kayak at the end of the ride, I'm glad I hadn't taken it.
Sunday, seven took the float and five took kayaks. There were lots of people out on the river during the day. It took a long time to get down the river as we had to stop, many times, to swim. It was a great weekend.

Saturday, July 23, 2005


The last couple posts are open threads...

So, the cats and I were sitting there, minding our own business, when oldwhitelady came rushing through the place. She was muttering to herself about Email and men. We don't know what it was all about, but as she stormed out the door, she yelled, "I don't know when I'll be back!"
I'm wondering if she's going to some E-MALE Review! HA!
I asked the cats if they would do some blogging until she gets back. They told me to stuff it. They said they needed kitty food and weren't going to blog until they were fed. Well, alright then. I looked around, but oldwhitelady took her checkbook and the change, all except for this huge bottle of pennies. I'm going to be busy counting pennies all weekend. Gotta get the cats fed.

So, if you stop by, please, say hello and tell us what you're thinking about. Rants are fine.


That sucks...grrrr...

Well, we're not posting anymore until we get some kitty food. Just so everyone knows!

Image hosted by


That was fun!

Eli at MultiMedium has been taking the blame for everything these days. Last Saturday night, while commenting on a thread at Eschaton, he was watching SNL and so was I. It turned out that we both were commenting the punch lines of the "Census Taker" and "The Pranksters"<--not sure if that's the name of that particular skit, or not. Anyway, Eli also was told to, "go take more photos of yourself in the mirror", one day on someone's blog.
I thought it would be fun to "prank" Eli about his mirror.
Then the fun began. What a hoot! I wonder if he thinks he knows who it was?

Friday, July 22, 2005


Guantanamo in the news

Guantanamo detainees refuse food
More than 500 inmates are currently being held at Guantanamo. Only four have been charged...
...protests in the prison facilities were already under way by late June.
...The lawyer said that they had been prompted by detainees' anger over the quality of their drinking water.
He said the protests had then expanded in scope and detainees had begun citing their indefinite detention and inhumane conditions as reasons for the protest.
I can't imagine why these prisoners would be unhappy! *Snark*
So, it's okay for us to imprison the people and give them substandard water. It didn't mention the food. I know the rightwingers like to make comments that these people are being treated well, so why are they complaining. Since the prisoners' first choice, of where they would rather be, would not be in Guatanamo, a n d they are being held against their will, isn't that enough to be upset about? Winning minds and friends....



Judge Throws Out Case of Four Who Were Brought Into Country Illegally as Toddlers, By Jacques Billeaud Associated Press Writer.
PHOENIX (AP) - During a 2002 high school trip to the Canadian border, four students ended up facing deportation after immigration officials learned they had been brought into the United States illegally as toddlers.
On Thursday, U.S. Immigration Judge John Richardson threw out the deportation case, saying agents had questioned the Arizona students based on their Hispanic appearance...

One of the students wanted to visit the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. The teacher asked if they would be allowed back if they only had their student IDs. This prompted an extensive questioning session of the four, because they looked Hispanic.
Many years ago, I walked across the border to Tijuana. At the time, I only had to show my Driver's License. I wonder what it requires, now? Does anyone know?


Friday cat blogging?????

The caption reads:

"Yes, I have a cat. Why, are you allergic to them?"

My favorite cartoon ... EVER!!!

Fine! So I'm going to hell...

Thursday, July 21, 2005


The sky, this morning, as I left for work.


Yes, there can be too much sun

Will we get rain?
In view of the steady sunshine and heat, At lunch, my co-workers and I visited a couple different radar sites, to check for possible rainfall. We didn't pray, but we might before the month is out!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Number 8 - location:)

Military Aircraft questionnaire from Jutsablog.


Trust in the people

This scary news is from Badtux the Snarky Penguin: What to do about those pesky liberals
It's 2006. Republicans sweep all major House and Senate races. Tampering with the electronic ballot boxes that count most of the nation's votes has become so obvious that nobody other than Republican stalwarts believe there was a fair vote. The left wing of the Democratic party is irate. Millions of outraged people swarm upon Washington D.C. and threaten to bring the government of the United States to a standstill. What to do, what to do?

The penguin links to this page: Active Denial System (ADS)
The microwave energy penetrates a living tissue (such as human skin) to a depth of 0.5 millimeter and almost instantly produces a heating sensation that within seconds becomes intolerable and forces the subject to flee. The sensation immediately ceases when the individual moves out of the beam or when the beam is turned off.

I don't know what you think, but to me, it looks like our torches and pitchforks may not be enough! What the Hell?



Friday, July 15, 2005 Prayers for Khalid...
Raed of Raed in the Middle has some very bad news. His brother Khalid of the blog Tell Me a Secret has been abducted by the new Iraqi mukhabarat.

We're all praying he'll be alright and that Allah/God gives his family the strength to make it through this.

Nid3eelek bil salameh wil rijoo3 ila il a7ibeh wil ahal wil 7'irooj min hathihi il mi7neh bi 7'air ya Khalid...

- posted by river @ 12:01 PM

Trading With Iraqi Civilians' Lives From Raed in the Middle.
The report concludes the following numbers in response to the question of "Who did the killing?"
• U.S.-led forces killed 37% of civilian victims.
• Anti-occupation forces/insurgents killed 9% of civilian victims.
• Post-invasion criminal violence accounted for 36% of all deaths.
I think these numbers are more than enough to shut the mouths of the war supporters who accuse Iraqis of targeting each other.

Raed's still awaiting news of his detained brother.


Scotty died!

Star Trek's James Doohan dies, immortalized for 'Beam me up, Scotty'. by Bob Thomas, Canadian Press.

...He was 85...
...The cause of death was pneumonia and Alzheimer's disease, he said...
Doohan's character, in the original Star Trek, was funny and terrific. His death is sad, but he did get to reach the age of 85. Alzheimer's disease is no picnic, either, I've heard.

Star Trek(a Titles and Air Dates Guide)

On another note: I keep thinking that when you've numerous heart attacks and have no discernible heart, shouldn't death reach up to greet you?

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Well, hello there, to you, too, M. Groundhog.


Odds and ends I found interesting.

Today's Freedom Quote:
"Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent" -- Isaac Asimov (through his character, Mayor Salvor Hardin from book 1, part III of the 'Foundation' trilogy, "The Mayors")

Montana Police Have to Stop One Vehicle an Hour.
According to the article, the new law requires police to stop at least one vehicle an hour, whether they give a ticket or not. The idea behind it is to cut down on drunken driving.

Hewlett-Packard cuts 14,500 staff
Hewlett-Packard is to lay off about one in ten of its workers as part of its long-awaited restructuring.
The US computer and IT giant said it planned to cut 14,500 jobs over the next 18 months in an attempt to save $1.9bn (£1.1bn) a year.
The announcement is the first major strategic move by its new boss, Mark Hurd...
...HP said it expected most of the jobs to be lost within support areas such as IT, finance and personnel...

India will probably have some job openings, soon, huh?

Unnamed, Unnoticed by Judith Coburn, from Alternet.
..."Cost of the war": a cliché to normalize the carnage, like the anaesthetizing term "collateral damage" and that new semantic horror, "torture lite." And yet the "cost of the war" report, by now a hackneyed convention of American journalism, includes only American casualties -- no Iraqis -- itself a violation of the American mainstream media's own professed commitment to "objectivity." Three years of "anniversary" articles in the American media adding up the so-called "cost of the war" in Iraq have focused exclusively on Americans killed, American dollars spent, American hardware destroyed, with barely a mention of the Iraqi dead as part of that "cost."...



I received a catalog in the mail called "Things you never knew existed... and other items you can't POSSIBLY live without!"
On the back page, there's an item that was mildly interesting. "Tattoo Sleeves". I guess a person puts one on their arm and it looks like the arm is all tattooed. One of my co-workers is talking about getting a tattoo. I think I'll show her this. I've heard that tattoos can be expensive. A pair of sleeves costs $14.98 + shipping and handling, I'm sure, but that seems inexpensive compared to the going prices of real tattoos, and you can take the sleeve off. I wonder if they have sleeves with just one tattoo.
Oh, here's something fun. On page 59, there's a "Wireless Radio Control Giant Rat." It looks pretty mean. It's only $19.98. I think the kitties will get treats, instead. Maybe, they won't get as much fun out of treats, but at least they can eat them.


I said, "Good morning, Sunshine."
The sun said, "There will be no rain, today."



afarensis has an interesting post about Mozart's Skull. We think it's well worth reading. We would be interested in reading what you think about it. He also has Little Foot and Pounce pictures posted. Meow! Cute kitties!

Image hosted by


We're still in Iraq

A Daily Look at U.S. Military Deaths in IraqThe Associated Press Published: Jul 18, 2005.
As of Monday, July 18, 2005, at least 1,770 members of the U.S. military have died since the beginning of the Iraq war in March 2003, according to an Associated Press count. At least 1,360 died as a result of hostile action. The figures include five military civilians.

1,631 of these deaths were after May 1, 2003, when the president stood in front of the banner which proclaimed, "Mission Accomplished."

Monday, July 18, 2005


I thought, for sure, we would get some rain, when I walked out to my car this morning. We did not.


Random, mostly music ...

Today's Julian Date 2005199
Tomorrow's will be 2005200

Who sang "Roll Over Beethoven"? For some reason, I had forgotten. If you don't know, guess. Don't google.

Have you ever really listened to the Queen song Jealousy ? Once upon a time, someone on tv or radio or in some sort of media, made some snide reference to Queen and love songs. The words are great, but I think it's the tune that gets me. As far as love songs go, didn't they put out the best love song of all, "I'm in Love with my Cat"? What? Oops, it's called "I'm in Love with my Car".

What's the best song by Prince? He has so many good ones, it's difficult to choose one. I have to go with "1999".

Sunday, July 17, 2005


Animals posting on blogs

We were over at Adgitadiaries and found that Harry Hound posted an experience with some dog chews.
I was sick for three days-, listless and depressed. Then I barfed all over the Persian carpets, as is my habit when barfing in the house. Up came all these little wads of green stuff. You could bounce the rubbery little villians off the floor.
Now, that's some great reading! We could tell you story after story about puking up hairballs on various things. I think Mogwei, Heman, or Grover was the ace, when one of them puked all over mom's scanner. Those three are now gone to kitty heaven, but they were some cats to look up to!

We also visited Last Left Turn Before Hooterville so we could get the link for The Venus and Mercury Cat Blog. We noticed mom neglected to add it to the blogrolls, so we will add it. Anyway, it looks like those krazy kats got rid of their collars. Excellent. They showed their people! I guess they also have a squirrel problem! We know how that is, only our problems are the rabbits.

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Image hosted by
One more picture taken from the winery. On the other side of the bridge, on the right bank, is where The Latest Frog Prince story took place.


A couple interesting Rove links

From Wikipedia, here's the entry for Karl Christian Rove.

In the comment section of my post, "But in fact everything is political—and everyone is fair game."
Rexroth's Daughter suggests an article, today, from Frank Rich in the NYTimes : Frank Rich: To find Karl Rove, follow the uranium. After explaining Rove's past trashing of people in his or his candidates way, Rich writes:
...Even so, we shouldn't get hung up on him or the other minor figures. In the end, this scandal is about the president of the United States. It is about a plot that was hatched at the top of the administration and in which all others, Rove included, are at most secondary players...
He continues on to explain plots and subplots (the non-existent WMDs, the Niger mission, the forged documents, etc.) occuring during this administration.


This is a Guinea fowl. They certainly are odd looking birds. I took this picture at my parents'.

When I turned on my cell phone this morning, I found 2 calls from my mother. One was from 2:30AM the other 7:20AM, this morning. She was asking me to come out to the farm.

I was driving down the gravel road to their place. Driving toward me was a large pickup pulling a large boat. Rolling up my window, I pulled over to the side, under some trees, to wait for the pickup to get past. I waited for the dust to settle, a bit, before moving. When I did start driving again, my window was still up, and I was debating how much dust would get into the car if I rolled it down.

I noticed some large flying insects I thought, first, were horse flies. They were bullet shaped and kept attacking my car. I realized they were hornets! They would fly in front of the car and bash their heads(or bodies - I could hear the clunks) against the windshield, the top of the car, and my windows. There were quite a few of them, too. I figured they must have a nest on one of the trees I might have brushed against when I was pulling over. I stopped the car (I didn't want to lead them to my parents' home). I watched them for awhile, and finally, they tired. When there were only a few, I resumed driving. Now, I see why people say leave hornets' nests alone. I had never seen that happen, before, even though, growing up in the farm, there were plenty hornets around.


"But in fact everything is political—and everyone is fair game."

In an open thread at Eschaton, Nora says,
My favorite passage from the Newsweek article (the first link on this thread) was this:
It's unlikely that any White House officials considered that they were doing anything illegal in going after Joe Wilson. Indeed, the line between national security and politics had long since been all but erased by the Bush administration. In the months after 9/11, the Republican National Committee, a part of Rove's empire, had sent out a fund-raising letter that showed the president aboard Air Force One in the hours after the attack.

Of course they didn't think they'd done anything wrong! They never think they've done anything wrong!
And in a sort of bitterly funny way, the idea of fundraising by reminding people of Bush's flight of fear on 9/11 would make no sense at all in a rational world, which obviously this isn't.

The article she's talking about is this one: Rove at War
He rose using tactics his foes are turning against him. But never bet against Karl Rove.
By Howard Fineman.
July 25 issue - Karl Rove is a hunter. His favorite quarry in Texas is quail; in Washington, it's foes of George W. Bush or Vice President Dick Cheney. Rove was focused intently, with a touch of anger, on his prey...
...In the World According to Karl Rove, you take the offensive, and stay there. You create a narrative that glosses over complex, mitigating facts to divide the world into friends and enemies, light and darkness, good and bad, Bush versus Saddam....

and that's why Rove needs to be brought down! If he isn't, I can see worse things happening. I've read/heard several thoughts about this admin getting us into a war where we would have to suspend elections. I don't think that would happen, but who knows? There is a possibility.


That looks like fun.

Yesterday, I walked outside on my deck and saw this (hang-glider?). I ran inside to get the camera. He/she got farther away while I was getting the camera ready to take the shot. The zoom on my camera is not that strong, so I was happy it did get something.


Didn't do much today

When I first got there, I took a couple pictures like this.
Image hosted by

It was girls' night out. We went to a winery, not far from the city. Two guys showed up. Usually, that's what happens with girls' night out. It may be girls' night out, but there are our guy friends who are fun to associate with outside of work who get invited, or girls have husbands or male friends they bring along. We had a group of eight ladies and two gents. This picture was later in the evening.
Image hosted by

Of course, I used up all my film with beautiful pictures I couldn't delete, then W sends her husband off to take their glasses back to get the deposit and says, "Ok, let's do some fun pictures." The other guy took the pictures. We unbuttoned our blouses as far as was tasteful, then tucked the edges under. I found I had four buttons that could be unbuttoned. What? If I left them unbuttoned, I wouldn't be showing anything. Damn, I have to get out of the old lady mode!

Saturday, July 16, 2005


Hibiscus of some sort.

A couple days ago, I mentioned to Steve Bates, that I wanted to have a little frame around the pictures I add to the blog. He gave me some info and said to let him know if I needed help. Well, I looked at the source code of a couple blogs, but didn't really find what I needed... until today. I went over to Dharma Bums and looked at their source code. I copied the bit with the photos and that's when it hit me! Hello should have some sort of feature that would make the frames. Sure enough!

I might mention that I broke Haloscan. I was commenting there and after hitting the submit button, the notice from Haloscan said comment successfully posted. then another note right below that commenting has been temporarily disabled.
I tried other blogs to see if haloscan would allow, nope.. wait, now they're working again.


Something to think about

Okay- alone amongst the progressive/liberal blogosphere, I'm going to have to break the sad news, to those sharks swimming around the recent "Rove-gate."

You've fallen into another distraction, here. Rove is laughing at us, and at you.

This is the Bush/Rove tactics at their most transparent.

I'm not diminishing the outing of Plame, in any way, in saying this. What Rove did was unconscionable, treasonous, and criminal- but ya know what?

This is the way Rove does things- notice that, in recent months, scandal after scandal has been pouring out of the republicans and the Bush bowl? First it was Tom Delay- then it was the Downing Street Memo- now, it's Rove.

They know how the american media works, and are well aware of how short the american attention span is. Yes- all the chickens are coming home to roost, and while we on the left enjoy seeing this happen, Rove and the Bush crime family are sitting back, and letting at all unfold- they know they'll never be called to account...

While reading his article, I realize he's right about this being the way Rove has always done things. He's also right about the public's attention span. The flames need to be fanned.

Farther down, in his previous article, Eric says "I'M PRO-LIFE!"
...When I assert my pro-life position, do I mean that I'm against abortion? Hell no- in fact, considering Bush's continued popularity amongst the developmentally-challenged red-staters, I'd have to say that far too FEW abortions have been taking place, in this country...

Good text! I like it!

Friday, July 15, 2005

Any thoughts? Posted by Picasa

Why, oh why, didn't I copy my typed comments in the thread of Well, yes, I have wondered "Where are they?", before hitting submit? Stupid Haloscan! It took my comments and said, "We'll be right back."

Update: Now it says "Back in 5 minutes." Just thought I'd share that:)
Update again: Now, the comments are gone, A G A I N!! 1:20AM
Last update tonite: It's 1:30AM. Five minutes have passed, at least twice, since I first read the "Back in 5 minutes." Haloscan needs to check their clocks:)



24.. They call it PMS because Mad Cow Disease was already taken.

Huh! I wondered, didn't you? ... yeah, right.


Well, yes, I have wondered "Where are they?"

The Fixer at Alternate Brain points us over to
T. Rex checks up on all those people you don't hear much about anymore.


Friday Cat blogging

Featuring Cotton...You're not hiding very well. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 14, 2005


As Toby Keith says, "I wanna talk about ME."

Wordlacky at DemiOrator loves words. I do too. Maybe I don't love them as much as he, but, words are great. However, the words that strike my fancy are sometimes kind of "out there". Take for instance, the word, "fecalleukocyte". I've used this as my name on the Eschaton threads, now and again, when I wanted to post without letting people know who I was. Unfortunately, I forgot to clear the cookies several times and the damn blogsite address showed up in the homepage.

Recently, as noted in the post below, Dark Wraith created a BBS. I set up an account as "fecalleukocyte". I really like that word! I think it's a great word... It starts with "F" has three "E"s, two "L"s, a "C", a "T", and a "K", besides the other letters. It contains the letters for CAT, CALF, COKE, FUCK..and so on. Ah, what a fun word. Laboratories use the test (Fecal Leukocyte) to find the White Blood Count in stool. There is another test name I like, too. How does "Multichem23" grab you? Or my other favorite, "MTHRF"?

Oh, sorry, let me get on with my story. Anyway, I signed up on this new BBS as fecalleukocyte. I had a picture of the river and took a small section of river water as my gravatar. I thought it was pretty cool.

Well, for reasons I won't bore you with, today, I changed my BBS user name from fecalleukocyte to oldwhitelady. Eh, goodbye, excitement! Ok, so, as to the reason for the post. I know I have failings. I know I have a lot of bad habits. I am dedicating this post to you, the reader, as a request for you to give me FEEDBACK on my BAD habits. Not good habits, but bad habits. What do I do that irritates you? What don't you like about my blog? I need feedback so I can think about changes for the better. Do I post too many pictures, too many cats, not enough news, not enough content, bad grammar, bad spelling, too many commas and not always in the right places (I know I use too many commas - I can't break the habit, dammit!) don't like my stories at The Practical Press, etc.?

I guess you know that oldwhitelady, trailertrash, and CottonSaddieMango are all names I use. Sure, using CottonSaddieMango, I try to think like the cats, but it really is my writing and thoughts. Those cats haven't yet learned to type. Next week, they'll probably finish their class, though.

Anyway, here is your chance to tell me what you don't like about me. Am I, or do I have: bad sense of humor, too bitchy, bad attitude, not bitchy enough, bullheaded, bad ideas, dress bad, need deodorant, stupid, eyes too red, too fat, too cold, too ugly, bad driver, too judgmental, unhip, too serious, too smart, too skinny, too pretty, hair too long, hair too short, snarky, demanding, pushy, too much makeup, cynical, eyes too small, forehead too green, bad music taste, uncoil, insane, bad breath, too much cursing, overbearing, not enough cursing, traitor, nosey, too sane, too old, noisy, patriot, hateful, eyes too big, rude, brash, too tall, condescending, too short, big feet, too young, not enough makeup, small feet, etc.? I think you get the drift.

I'm not saying that any of these words describe me, but others' might. In my high-school yearbook, a guy I thought of as friend, wrote, "Stay a bitch and you'll always be ugly." To this day, I don't know why. But, I snuck up on his car, one evening, and spray-painted a giant yellow daisy on the hood… (not really – I didn’t and still don’t know what he drives). Please comment. If I get no comments, I will conclude that I, and my blog, are PERFECT. You can be serious or not so serious. The comment thread is now open.

Oh.My.Goddess! I just thought of something...oh, it's just too horrible, bizarre, off the wall, and damn funny, too! to tell anyone about, but I am going to set up a new blog. It's not something fecalleukocyte wants to be associated with, though, so I have to find a new name. I might hide a link around here... maybe not.


Check your bills

John, at the, brings us this cheery post: How much did you water your lawn, Lady?
The city's utility department claimed Cook used 10 million gallons of water last month, charging her $29,787 for water, $43,581 for sewer, plus $893 for municipal tax.

Heart attack or faint? I can't imagine what my reaction would be, if I received that in the mail.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Open Thread

 Posted by Picasa

Here is a picture of the tomatoes I picked, today. Cherry tomatoes. Not my favorite, but I'll eat them and be happy!

If you haven't checked out the ♠Dark Wraith♠'s new BBS, here's the link The Dark Wraith Forums Message Board .
I've been spending a lot of time, over there, playing with the smiley faces and text, etc. It's been a lot of fun!


Is it Thursday, yet?

Well, it figures! When I opened the dashboard to create a post, I noticed that the last post was number 666. I know, now, why I'm having a shitty day! Oh, by the way, Mark, over at Recidivist Journals, gives us a link to the history of SHIT.

OLDSTER:The view from down the road has a post explaining about: Parkinson's drug is linked to gambling compulsion. I wonder what causes the gambling compulsion in people not taking that drug? A former co-worker once told me that her sis gambled away a LOT of money, then won $15,000. Her sis was happy, but my friend said it was just a drop in the bucket to what she had spent. Ouch! That sucks!

Oldhorsetailsnake gives us his new plan:The Schemer Works on Making His Pile (I'll give you a hint: cracks)

Visiting this last one has greatly improved my mood! Especially about the school uniforms! Yes sirree!


It was THIS funny!

Over in the comment section of the post Cornflower Blue, in the blog called JustaBlog, the third comment down, by OldHorsetailSnake, had me almost rolling in the floor, it was so sly!


Practical Press

As I've mentioned before, sometimes I post a little something at The Practical Press. Here's my latest offering.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Open column...

Does anyone have anything to say? anything at all? I have nothing. Posted by Picasa


Rover landing?

White House Maintains Silence about Rove By Pete Yost
...Former Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts said Tuesday that "Karl Rove ought to be fired." With Kerry on Capitol Hill was Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y. a possible 2008 presidential contender, who indicated her agreement with Kerry's view.

"I'm nodding," she told reporters.

It was McClellan who provided the previous assurances about no role for Rove, but he refused to repeat those assurances Monday.

"Did Karl Rove commit a crime?" a reporter asked McClellan.

"This is a question relating to an ongoing investigation," McClellan replied.

McClellan gave the same answer when asked whether President Bush has confidence in Rove, the architect of the president's successful political campaigns...

I think Rove needs to be brought up on charges. With all the things he's thought up in the past, he's been a good little worker bee for his employers. If he's fired, he will still be able to think up his nasty little campaigns for his employers. He can get the plans to them in any way, shape, or form. If his part in this outing of Plame is proven (it better be!) and he is labeled the traitor I think he is, then, his employers would want to take a step back and not be associated with him... I hope.

Here's an article I found linked by to the Executive Intelligence Review which is an "online newsweekly of the LaRouche movement." The Plame Affair: Rove and Cheney Are Guilty As Charged by Jeffrey Steinberg
Steinberg gives a rundown of the facts of the case... then...big finish!
...The pivotal role of Lewis Libby sets the stage for the impeachment or forced resignation of the Vice President. This, Lyndon LaRouche has emphasized, is a precondition for any effective U.S. government response to the onrushing global financial meltdown. The reason to force Cheney's resignation is not just the Plame leak, which emanated from his office; however, the involvement of Libby, along with other Cheney staffers, including John Hannah, in the orchestrated destruction of Wilson, Plame, and the Brewster Jennings proprietary, affords a sufficient cause for Cheney's impeachment.

Cheney's departure, and replacement by a qualified, experienced figure, such as several leading Republican Senators, would create the safe conditions for the removal of President George W. Bush, for the good of the nation...

The other side Posted by Picasa


Last night

The joy I felt, when seeing that the night boss is back, can never be described to do it justice! X, the lady who sits beside me, agrees, wholeheartedly. We're no longer the question magnets. YEEHAW!


Death tolls...

True Number of Conflict Deaths Worldwide Is Vastly Underreported, Report Says
By Nick Wadhams Associated Press Writer
UNITED NATIONS (AP) - Global estimates have routinely underestimated the true number of people killed in armed conflict, including during the war in Iraq, according to a report released Monday...

In the article, it says the Lancet's estimate was based on projections and was considered too high. This article is giving numbers of Iraqi deaths as being closer to 39,000. Quite frankly, I consider 39,000 Iraqi deaths due to our warmongering to be 39,000 too many.


Cuba in the news...

Cuba Turns Down U.S. Offer of $50,000 in Hurricane Relief
The Associated Press
HAVANA (AP) - Fidel Castro's communist government, laboring to recover from widespread damage caused by Hurricane Dennis, turned down a U.S. offer of $50,000 in aid, American officials said Monday...
...During an appearance on state television Monday night, President Fidel Castro said Cuba would accept no American assistance while the U.S. trade embargo of more than 40 years remains in place...

I wonder what other strings would be attached to the money. Then I wonder if they would have accepted, would they have gotten the money? Maybe, it's a smart move to turn it down.


North Korea in the news...

North Korea Says It Doesn't Need Nuclear Weapons if Not Threatened by U.S.
By Burt Herman Associated Press Writer
SEOUL, South Korea (AP) - North Korea said Monday it does not need nuclear weapons if it is not threatened by the United States, another sign of progress following Pyongyang's agreement over the weekend to return to disarmament talks...

Monday, July 11, 2005

Wishing... Posted by Picasa


A youthful indiscretion

In my post The hell you say?, I linked to a story about Randa Hayes, the Missouri Recruitment director, who democrats said had a felonious background. At the time of the story, she had been put on administrative leave without pay.
She submitted her letter of resignation after being asked to resign: Recruitment director quits in light of theft case
...In a resignation letter Wednesday, Hayes described her crime — which occurred before she moved to Missouri and got married — as “a youthful indiscretion.”...
...Blunt said she was hired because she had “good credentials,” adding that her work in Bush’s campaign showed impressive organizational abilities...
...Hayes helped organize a 2003 fundraiser that generated more than $50,000 for Blunt as he was gearing up for a gubernatorial bid. Her husband is St. Peters alderman David Hayes...
So! The allegations were true... Good on the dems for keeping their eyes open.

Aw, how cute.  Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 10, 2005


I certainly didn't accomplish much today!

I read the comics, today. Opus was cute, but I'm sure, from past experience, it's not yet posted on the web. If you get a chance to look at it, it's pretty funny. Opus is trying to call for a pizza. The pizza dude has all this information at his fingertips. He tells Opus that the pizza requested wouldn't be good for him. Opus changes his order and the dude tells him that he can't afford it...because of the doll he had ordered that month. In the end, I got the idea that, through the telephone, the pizza dude could also SEE Opus(who had a bath towel around himself).

The Boondocks was my favorite, though. Grandad is trying to help Huey fix the computer by giving him suggestions about what the problem is.

Oh, yeah, something from over at The Dark Wraith Forums... (♠Dark Wraith♠) set up The Dark Wraith Forums Message Board .

I guess I did accomplish something. I have an E-mail address that has been used since 1995. I check it once a month or every couple weeks. I checked it today and found 398 messages. Here are some of the highlights:

* Someone wants to meet me
* financing my plasma tv just got easier
* paying my back taxes just got easier
* I can meet serious Christians just like me
* Singles in my area are waiting
* I could participate and receive 10 lbs of Hershey's chocolate

What the hell am I waiting for?


Something to do while in church....

Not that I went to church, but Kissfan at Truespeak said "Consider yourself officialy tagged oldwhitelady. Enjoy!" and tagged me with the "Top 5 Music Meme".

Top 5 lyrics that move your heart (I have to point to the appropriate lines, though)

10CC - I wanna be a boss
Everybody's going to be free,
but they'll have to agree to be free
They'll have to agree to be less free than me
'Cos I rule the world you see

Love is the Drug for Me - Roxy Music
I say go, she say yes
Dim the lights, you can guess the rest
Oh oh catch that buzz
Love is the drug i´m thinking of
Oh oh can´t you see
Love is the drug, got a hook in me

Just One Year of Love - Queen (I was kind of surprised that this was actually written by John Deacon and not Freddie Mercury).
Just one year of love
Is better than a lifetime alone
One sentimental moment in your arms
Is like a shooting star right through my heart

Inside Thing - Feat Lulu - Paul McCartney & Wings
Someone's knocking at the door door
(it's an inside thing)
Somebody's ringing the bell
Somebody's knocking at the door, now, now
Somebody's ringing the bell
Ringing the bell
That'll be him

We're not going to take it - Twisted Sister
We're right (yeah)
We're free (yeah)
We'll fight (yeah)
You'll see (yeah)

Oh we're not gonna take it
No, we ain't gonna take it
Oh we're not gonna take it anymore
(Couldn't this be the LIBERAL fighting song?)

Top 5 Instrumentals
Forever - Queen
The Sorcerer's Apprentice - Paul Dukas
Inshalla - Sahara Elektrik (not really instrumental, but I don't understand the language)
Rattlesnake - Tim Clark
Phoenix Anastasis - Mychael Danna

Top 5 musical experiences
Paradise by the dashboard light - meatloaf (video - so many years ago, before the showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show!
Concerts enjoyed - can't remember what years, but...
Jethro Tull
Kiss Army - Wow! That was a fantastic show. Midnite at a midstate fair.

Top 5 Artists you think more people should listen to
Joe Diffy
Dr Hook

Top 5 Albums you must hear from start to finish
Barcelona - Freddie Mercury & Montsarratt Caballe (except I dislike "Ensueno" and usually bypass it.
2112 - Rush
Animals - Pink Floyd
Last in Line - Dio
Bat out of Hell - Meatloaf

Top 5 Musical Heroes
Johnny Cash
Jeff Lynne
Freddie Mercury (of course)
Helen Reddy
Stevie Wonder

These are my answers at this time, they could, and will, change, I'm sure.
Ok, looks like I only have to tag one person. I'm not sure, but I think The Fixer at Alternate Brain likes memes... a lot. He may already have done this one, and if so, can just provide the linky.

Update: The Fixer and Gordon over at Alternate Brain have already written their music memes, sometime ago. So, instead of tagging anyone, I'll ask for a volunteer.
Hey you, reading this, right now.. How about it? Hmmm?


National Energy Race

as proposed by Blanton's and Ashton's G.D. Frogsdong You want to fight terrorism? I'll give you a war on terrorism.
Start a National Energy Race. Challenge the American people to come up with an alternative to fossil fuels the way Kennedy challenged the American people to fly to the moon. It took less than ten years from the start to the completion of that challenge. If the American people were challenged to come up with a clean energy solution, they could finish that challenge in less than ten years too.

I am amazed by the Hemp Car. It took it's tour through the US a couple years ago. I thought it was quite the idea.
Pollution: Petrol vs Hemp shows the pros and cons of using gasoline vs using hemp fuel. It looks, to me, like hemp would be the better fuel. I also like the idea that our farmers could benefit by growing the crops. Aren't there farms that lay idle because the government is paying them NOT to grow certain crops? Those farms could be growing hemp. If our country wasn't run by rich fat cats who have hands in all the oil businesses, this idea probably would have already been passed by the government. Hemp would be a lot cheaper as the military wouldn't have to stake out the Middle Eastern countries. The blood loss would, most likely, be minimal, as compared to the over 1750 we've already lost in Iraq. As I said in the comment section over there, Farmers should be marching on DC, demanding to be given the rights to grow hemp. We should be writing to our "representatives" (and I put that in quotes as mine haven't represented me properly in quite some time) to push the fuel alternative of hemp. Yes, my letter getting ready to be printed off, right now!


A day off.

 Posted by Picasa

Yesterday, my sister came over. My cats usually disappear when people show up. Cotton had already disappeared in his favorite hidey hole. I saw him go, hours before. Saddie was hanging out in the hall, so I caught him before she came up the deck stairs. When she came in, I held onto Saddie, even though he was struggling to get away. (My sister always complains that she never gets to play with my cats.) Anyway, she sat down on the couch and I gave the struggling Saddie to her. She held onto him. He calmed a little, but was not happy to be held by her. She was the one that took him to the vet to be neutered... I think he remembers. I took Mango off his bed and brought him to the living room. He saw a stranger and started struggling. My sister let Saddie go and took Mango. He laid beside her on the couch, but kept trying to make a break for it. When she let him go, one would never know there were cats in the place, except for the remaining cat hair.
My part-time job had, instead of it's yearly picnic, given the employees a pass to a water-park and my sis was my guest. She left her truck at my place. We jumped in my car and took off for our vacation day.
My sister, "Slow down, it's 40."
oldwhitelady, "I didn't see the sign."
We were wearing the same style swimsuits and covers. She said one guy asked her if we were twins. We used to get asked that a lot when we were younger. So, we, two old ladies, went down most of the water slides, the wave pool, etc. We had a great time!

Saturday, July 09, 2005



Little Brøther, in comments at Eschaton, supplied the link to this article from Robert Fisk.
Blair's Alliance with Bush Bombed
It is easy for Blair to call yesterday's bombings "barbaric"' -- they were -- but what were the civilian deaths of the Anglo American invasion of Iraq in 2003, the children torn apart by cluster bombs, the innocent Iraqis gunned down at American military checkpoints. When they die, it is "collateral damage"; when "we" die it is "barbaric terrorism."

I've often thought about that and felt disgusted with the terms used for our own bombing as opposed to others' terroristic activities. Supposedly, ours isn't terrorism. I can't see a difference.

Styles Posted by Picasa


Who, indeed?

Who's Watching the Watch List?
By John Graham, AlterNet. Posted July 7, 2005.

Graham tells about an incident where he tried to catch a plane to visit relatives. His ID was put into the computer and he finds he's on the "national terrorist No Fly Watch List" and that he's on the list of people "who posed, or were suspected of posing, a threat to civil aviation or national security."
....So how hot does the water have to get? When the feds can rifle through your library reading list? When they can intimidate journalists? When a government agency can keep you off airplanes without giving you a reason? When there's not even a pretense of due process? We're not talking about prisoners at Guantanamo; this is you and me. Well, after last week, it sure as hell is me and it could be you, next....
...In all the press about identity theft, I find myself railing at having my identity as a patriot stolen--by my own government. This must not stand.

I am reminded of the following poem.
First they came for the Communists,
and I didn’t speak up,
because I wasn’t a Communist.
Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn’t speak up,
because I wasn’t a Jew.
Then they came for the Catholics,
and I didn’t speak up,
because I was a Protestant.
Then they came for me,
and by that time there was no one
left to speak up for me.

by Rev. Martin Niemoller, 1945

Friday, July 08, 2005


probably not

This riddle will probably not make it to the "Laffy Taffy" or "Bazooka Joe" wrappers.

What did one saggy boob say to the other saggy boob?

If we don't get some support soon, people are going to think we're nuts.


That looks like fun!

Image hosted by


Friday Cat blogging

... featuring Cotton. Posted by Picasa


The Bloggers Anonymous badge of honor

"If, as you live your life, you find yourself mentally composing blog entries about it, post this exact same sentence in your weblog."
From this post at The Phantom Scribbler

Spyware troubles web surfers, changing online habits
BEIJING, July 8 -- American internet users are increasingly frustrated and frightened by spyware and viruses being secretly downloaded on their computers. The threat has caused more than nine of 10 users to alter their online behavior, according to a Pew Internet Project report...
...Some of the most risky online behaviors that seem to attract spyware are downloading peer-to-peer services and swapping files over them, visiting adult Web sites, and playing online games...
...The study's authors defined spyware as tracking software that is secretly placed on a computer. The programs can significantly slow a computer, route it to Web sites you don't want to visit or cause an annoying stream of ads to pop up...

Frustrating is right! I don't do any of the risky online behaviors, that I know of, but I sure hate the idea of spyware or viruses interfering with my computing time. I use one of the Security packages and I hope it catches everything. To use AOL, though, I do have to change some of the settings. That sucks!

Thursday, July 07, 2005



It started a week ago, today. It is finally corrected. My ATM complaint links:

Today, I stopped at the same ATM machine. It allowed me to withdraw some money. The balance slip was correct, too. All is well.


London Explosions

Timeline of London blasts


I can't help it... this post IS funny.

NFamous at The Bottom Half
PMS - Psychological Monthly Sham


Political donations

Desi at GreatScat! has this post called *Ideas in Action*. One of her regular commenters had explained how he used the following link to decide which service providers to choose. The following link shows:
"All calculations are based on records filed with the FEC of contributions by all individuals totalling more than $200 (and some totalling less than $200) to a single Republican or Democratic presidential campaign or national committee between January 1, 2003 and October 13, 2004."
FUNDRACE 2004 Neighbor Search

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Just trees, grass, and sky. I thought it was pretty. Posted by Picasa


The hell you say?

GOP operative suspended after crime allegation Democrats: Hayes convicted in Illinois.
Randa A. Hayes, 33, was named director of the state Division of Business Development and Trade in Republican Gov. Matt Blunt’s administration in late March. Before that, she worked on President George W. Bush’s re-election campaign in Missouri.

It apparently happened before she was married. The birthdate for Ismail matches the birthdate for Hayes.
Court records from Cook County, Ill., show Randa A. Ismail was charged in 1996 with several counts of forgery and theft, some of them felonies.

Somehow, if this is correct, it does not surprise me. So, she's placed on administrative leave without pay.
"Obviously she needs to be fired," said Democratic spokesman Jack Cardetti. "We can’t have someone who has a criminal conviction of theft handling our state tax credits."

This line is my favorite:
Hayes came "highly recommended" by a lot of people in Republican Party politics, Jackson said without elaborating.

Later, while going over the bridge and looking into this pool of water, I saw a dog swimming and enjoying itself. When I raised the camera to take a shot, the dog ran off. Posted by Picasa


ATM continuing saga

There was a man at the ATM machine. He took some cash out, then moved, so I could step up.
With my card and pin entered - I asked for a small amount.
My card was spit out and this message appeared on the screen, "This ATM machine is temporarily unavailable, please take your card and try again later."
I put the card and pin in, once more, and asked for a balance amount.
My card was spit out and this same message appeared on the screen, "This ATM machine is temporarily unavailable, please take your card and try again later."

Logging into my checking account online (different bank)
"We are experiencing technical difficulties at this time, please try again later."

My car payment is at, yet, another bank. I have half an idea of calling them up and seeing if they're unavailable to me, today, too.

Update: Checking account checked out ok, later in the day:)


Real Christians....

US Church backs same-sex marriage
The million-strong United Church of Christ (UCC) has become the first major US Christian denomination to come out in support of gay marriage.
The UCC's general synod passed a resolution affirming "equal rights for couples regardless of gender".

The decision is not binding and will not require pastors to marry same-sex couples, though some already do.

Several other Churches have endorsed gay civil partnerships but have not given them the status of marriage...

The phrase, "equal rights for couples regardless of gender", sounds wonderful. Humans should all have the same rights. Why should some have more rights than others?

Of course, not all the members are happy about it. Some, probably many, talk about leaving, but look at the percentage of the vote. Now, that is awesome!
Around 80% of the UCC's 884-member synod voted in favour of the resolution on Monday.

Mimosa blooms. I've seen several trees over the past week or so, but never had my camera. I was in my boss's office and looked out her window. This is the tree I saw across the street. I decided to go and take a picture, or two, on break. Posted by Picasa

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